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Thursday, May 06, 2004



Oh, I feel for you. [grin] I also just sold my house, and am starting to pack up all our stuff prior to moving.

Looking around at the enormity of everything compared to the stack of boxes is sort of like not realizing how big your car is until you have to wash it.

Just make sure you keep a knitting bag out of blast radius until everything is unpacked at the new place. You'll need something to help you preserve inner tranquility.



i had to giggle when i saw the boxes. it reminded me of our move 2 yrs ago after living in the house for 39 yrs. what junk was accumulated. i told my husband that we aren't keeping junk in this house. i am going to say OUT OUT Out it goes. Enjoy your lovely house. more pictures, ok???


Oh my. I feel your pain. I threw out three dumpsters of stuff! Guard your stash well. My stuff had to go one of four places: dumpster, storage, new quarters, weekend getaway. Somehow, my extensive Vittadini stash is lost...I fear forever! Well, it will be worth it nevertheless - your new home is just beautiful...just has the best "bone structure". I found that if I just made myself just do one cabinet - that began a cascade of wild packing. That will be all it takes for you too!


Looks like you are borging along with packing...

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