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Monday, October 04, 2004



I _loved_ "CandyFreak". Make sure you have chocolate to eat while reading! And I've added the other book to my reading list.

I also loved the butterfly sweater. Oh, I hear that Noro yarn calling...buy me, buy me...sigh.


Beware of Candy Freak. I have always been pretty involved with candy, but reading this book liberated me even further, and now I am kind of arrogant about my candy obsession. Never again will you walk by a candy aisle without doing a thorough browse...


I loved Persepolis. It's on the reading list of my English class this term, and I read it the first day I brought it home...
The second one is out too, I've been sneaking reading breaks in at the school bookstore when I have the time.


Ohh. I remember someone telling me about "Persepolis" before, but the title and content flitted away from my mind. I'm a huge comic book fan, especially autobiographical comics (check out Craig Thompson's "Blankets" or "Carnet de Voyage" or Jeffrey Brown's "Clumsy"... amazing!). I recently acquired Art Spiegelman's "In the Shadow of No Towers" (which was also talked about on NPR) and it is an awesome work.

Thanks for reminding me! Wednesday is comic-book day and I'm going to check if my favorite store has it in stock.


I received Persepolis as a christmas gift last year and read it on new year's day. I've been trying to persuade my sixteen year old daughter to read it - I found it as intriguing for it's portrayal of growing up as I did for its personal rendition of history.

I'm also awaiting some noro kureyon to try my first booga bag. I can't wait!


I loved Persepolis too, and have already read her new book, Persepolis 2. Definitely worthy of being added to your booklist!


Actually, the "proper" term for this style of book is graphic novel. I loved Persepolis as well, and there are many more fabulous graphic novels out there if you like the format!


I see that others commented about *Candy Freak* already, but I just had to make my joy about that book public. I've never engaged in such a sensual discussion of candy. I made the mistake of reading from the book one night before bed and then reading it first thing the next morning. Yowsa, did I have some serious cravings!

I hope you love it!

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