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Thursday, October 28, 2004


Felicia from sweetgeorgia

Mmm, I've been looking forward to reading Persepolis 2. I loved the first one. It was recommended to me by my younger brother's girlfriend who studied it as part of her children's literature class at the University of British Columbia. An interesting, quick read. I believe in Japan they put a lot of their own history in this "comic book"/"manga" format to entice kids to read it.


I loved Interpreter of Maladies and have been waiting for The Namesake from the library. Just checked--I'm now only 40th on the list. Yay!


Oh, The Namesake was so good! I read it this summer before my pleasure reading died down to a trickle with law school. One of these days I'll get around to reading Interpreter of Maladies, too.

secret pal 2


I'm trying like crazy to get your last package all together here...I want to get it in the mail today or tomorrow morning....I've been crazy at work and can't get to the post office!! Happy Halloween to you and Maddie!!


hey dearest booga j!

love the new look...I am a little belated in that one!
I have been looking for a book lately...I will check out the first one...thanks!

Happy halloween!


When Satrapi's books came out in France, there were a set of four (which I've got on my bookshelf) -- so if that's anything to go by, then you've got two more to look forward to...


I don't have a favourite sock yarn, but I loved The Namesake! I also loved the Heidi tote a while back...

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