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Tuesday, October 26, 2004



I like the pink, and it's fitting since it's October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) - maybe you can do a monthly theme. :)


Love the new look! =)


I like it. Pink is good.


You know sometimes we just need to be pampered and feel a little feminine. I like the pink for a change. Do what makes you feel good!! :-)


Blog tweaking is my favorite time sink, too. All this pink makes me think of shopping this weekend -- I'm still in love with my shiny pink Gap scarf! Thanks for encouraging me to bring it home!

Heather M

Love the pink...makes me miss my old pink blog!


WOW! I didn't know where I was...looks great around here.


Nice change, now what else are you itching to rearrange?


It's a lovely pink and I'm jealous! For whatever reason, I've been obsessed with the color pink lately.


Love the pink, it's my fave! And I love your blog too. I've always wanted to attempt the Booga Bag but didn't know how to felt/full it because my washer does not have hot water settings. Your Maddie is coming along beautifully :-)


Pink is always a good color and it looks so clean and soothing. I like it a lot!

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