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Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Eva Shiu

Hi ! I love the Koigu Keepsake shawl ahe socks. The colour is gorgerous ! can't wait the FOs comes out !


It's hard sometimes to come back to WIPs that been sitting around for a while, but you pretty determined. Good luck Julie.
Show me the stash!!! Need a good dive. ;)


I'm sure it has nothing to do with me, but I find it charming that a project named Heidi is your number one priority. I can't wait to see the finished item! :)


Your Keepsake shawl looks great. I might have to try that one myself. I love the Longaberger's as well. I could talk myself into some new ones to stash my knitting mess in!


well one thing is for sure, all of your WIP's are lovely. My toughest thing with socks, is the need to make TWO! I have to many singling socks (and mittens... and gloves... and even one finish fuzzy feet)


finish(ed) even... and to(o) as well. Grammar? Nah, fast typing.


Go Julie! If the Harlot can finish the aran and Claudia can finish Butterfly before Rhinebeck, you can certainly finish Ingeborg before the holidays! (positive thinking....)



I see that beautiful blue-striped felted bag peeking out between your baskets in the pic. Could you tell me what yarn/colors you used for that bag? I would love to make my next Booga out of those colors.


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