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Thursday, October 07, 2004



Decisions, decisions. Being very partial to Dale patterns, I'd go for the Besseggen (but would make it for myself!)


*love* the plymouth!
I'd go with the wrap jacket. :)


OOOooooh! Lots of work ahead! You better get cracking! ;) I'm sure you of all people will manage this.
It's a good feeling, right? To be organised...


Oh the Chamonix. That has come up next on my list of fuzzy soft yarns to try! I dont know if I would dye it afterwards though... then again I am not brave and havent dyed things before.

Cant wait to see what you pick up next. Me Id go for the Chamonix, but I am a bit obsessed with that yarn :)


Oh! Oh!

I have been looking for a jacket pattern just like that one? Can you let me know where you got it or something... I neeeed one of those for winter!!

Thanks!! :)


Chuckle. You and I both have a stash of Chamonix in a color we're not completely happy with. I'm wondering if some of the designs for Rowan Cork or Summer Tweed would work for the Chamonix. I'm trying to figure out if "Able" (the Summer Tweed sweater with the big cable in front) would work well....


I just had to comment on that Alpaca. The blue is incredible!! And the price is too. I might have to go in search of...


50 LBS? You are such a skinny mini! Either way you look great.


What is it with Chamonix ? I love the feel of it but I too have a load in my stash that I'm just not sure about the colour of ... maybe we should all swap, you never know we might like each other's colours better !


FYI - that Plymouth Alpaca Boucle pills like crazy.


Wow- organizing- I really need to try that. LOL! I just go from room to room, pulling out knitting and leaving messes. This does not endear me to my type A husband.

I have a sweater started (years ago) with the Alpaca. I love the feel, and take it out just to squeeze now and then, but the sweater is in an all over rib pattern that I can't see clearly, so I'm constantly counting stitches. I can't wait to see what you do with yours!


I just made a hat out of that Alpaca boucle yesterday. I paired it with Tahki's Bunny Print and knit it on 13s in the round. It's super thick and it looks felted but it's not.


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