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Friday, October 29, 2004



Love the Jacks!!

So far Lorna's Laces is my favorite. I have some Bearfoot to try but really I just like to knit socks and there are too many great yarns!


Great pumpkins!!

I have a feeling Mountain Colors would be my favorite, but I haven't bought any yet... LoL! So far, I love Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino. Buttery soft and lovely! Love your broadripple socks, bTW.

GREAT pumpkins, too! Happy Halloween.


I don't know if I can pick a favorite. My favorite to wear is Koigu. I've enjoyed knitting with Lorna's Laces, Opal, Regia, Koigu and the Mountain Colors Bearfoot (although I think the skeins are a little stingy and the yarn is a little splitty). Meilenweit Cotton Fun wasn't bad, either, but was harder on my hands.

The softest sock yarn I have ever encountered is Interlacements Toasty Toes -- it's on my "most want to buy and knit with" list.


I haven't tried that many but once Regia is washed, it gets so soft, I don't know how it can be beat (except maybe by 100% wool but those are less durable).


Lorna's Laces hands down! I love the colors and the hand of the sock after it has been washed.


I love knitting knitting socks with Koigu because it's so soft and the colors are vivid. Lorna's Laces is in 2nd place for me because of the unpredictable self striping and I also like Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton (soft) or LG Merino 2000 Print-the cool wool makes VERY soft socks!


Mountain Colors Bearfoot hands down!


Honestly, its probably Opal. Then Koigu. But its so hard to choose!


Mountain Colors Weaver's Wool Quarters makes great socks. And Koigu, of course.


Love to wear Koigu but love to knit with Lorna's Laces. When I'm knitting socks with Koigu it doesn't feel quite as soft on my hands as the LL does. But I prefer the Koigu colors.


My #1 would have to be Lorna's Laces. Then Koigu. My most durable ones that I have made to date is Regia.

Happy Halloween!


I find the Bearfoot and Lornas Laces to be wonderfully soft and a joy to knit with, but they are not really anything for my hiking feet. I run through them in a week :( The Bearfoot also lost most of its wonderful color after the first wash. My vote would go to Regia and Opal sock yarn which are both very different in knit and wash behavior but both excellent wear.


I havent knit with all of them (notably Koigu) but I LOVE Opal. Moutain Colors (I used mountain goat and I think that is why) is a great yarn but I am still drawn to Opal.


For me it is Trekking - it makes a nice soft and durable sock, does the whole cool self-patterning thing, and it is affordable.


REGIA STRETCH! I love the stuff. It makes my stitches look so good and it feels and fits my feet perfetly.


What great pumpkins...and what a nice tradition! My 21/2 yr old daughter carved her first pumpkin last night. There is nothing like pumpkin guts to get a kid laughing. Happy Halloween!


My favorite is usually which ever one I am knitting with at the moment. I adore Lorna's Laces, Opal, Koigu and Mountain colors bearfoot, Spirit Trail. I have to say I just got some Regia Silk this week (haven't knitted with it yet) but it is sooooo soft - wow! The colors are boring, but the softness is incredible.

Lynnette Kopetsky

I love Cherry Tree Hill. I've found it's even softer than Lorna's, and the colors are incredible (although for colors, you can't beat KPPPM)

Eva Shiu

Hi !

I don't have many experience in sock yarns. I only have 2 pair in Lorna's Lace Sport. I just love them. Their colour is wonderful !



Opal - definitely! How cool are the patterns that magically appear when you knit with it? AND, I like thin, thin sock yarn, not the bulky stuff.


I made my very first socks out of Wool Ease (I know!) and I'm making a pair out of it now. From what I understand (I haven't made any for myself) they're VERY warm and thick, almost like slippers. It's good to learn with.

Amy Boogie

Great pumpkins.

I really like my own handspun for socks, but if I had to choose from store bought yarn I'd have to choose Opal or Sockotta for summer socks


I love many of the sock yarns mentioned but I thought I'd add another name to the list:

Tess' Yarns Super Sock

Her colors are gorgeous and there is plenty in one skein for a good sized pair.

Jessica Mucha

I love happy trails sock yarn from Angora Valley fibers. They have great colors, are machine washable and dryable and wonderfully soft.

debbie truex

my favorite sock yarn is mountain bearfoot all the way . another good one is cherry tree hill. i haven't tried koigu yet, but that is my next one to try.


Your poll has been so helpful to me! I was just searching for "favorite sock yarn" to get an idea of what to buy.


Has anyone knit socks from Knitpiks sock yarn yet? I love the look, but haven't tried it.

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