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Monday, February 21, 2005



Your Clapotis is really beautiful - I admire your yarn choice. I wd have never thought that Silk Garden wd make such a nice Clapotis. Yes, the Clapotis is a good pattern to follow!


Wow. That is BIG. Do you wear this as a shawl???


Beautiful! Silk Garden was a great choice - I'll bet it made Clapotis a very warm wrap.


The bigger the better in my opinion. Beautiful!


Beautiful... How many balls did it take to make it?


What a gorgeous Clapotis! I'm about halfway done with mine, and was starting to get a little bored, but now you've inspired me. The Silk Garden looks yummy.


Fantastic Clapotis !
The colours are lovely.I've just dug out some Silk Garden,6 balls,to knit this.
Yours is fab !


lovely! :)


i love it! it's gorgeous and that's my favorite noro colorway.


Wow, that's really gorgeous!


That is gorgeous, but huge! How many repeats did you do of the straight section? I can count about 20+ in the photo . . . did you do this because you wanted it bigger? I believe the pattern calls for 13 repeats. Maybe you did it till you ran out of yarn? I'm curious, as I really don't want a huge one and I'm not sure if I should be doing less repeats than the pattern calls for!

Thanks! Trish


It's beautiful.. I'm one repeat away from starting the section 4 decreases.. Guess I'll get off the computer and see how much I can get done.

Emily Parson

That's beautiful!!!!!!


Just beautiful!


It looks lovely in the Silk Garden!


Beautiful work. I'm really thinking of making one too.

Eva Shiu

It is very very beautiful ! I have some Noro Silk Garden in my stash. Maybe I should start to knit my Clapotis with them.


Lovely! This is a project I have been pondering for many months. The more I see, the more I like. I think I may hop on the bandwagon one of these days :-)


Lovely lovely clap-o-tee...I love it in that colorway!


Gorgeous! I've never worked with Silk Garden, but now I'll have to try it!


I've really enjoyed Clapotis as it is versatile. Love the way your Silk Garden turned out! The color is gorgeous and I love how big it is.

Amy Lu

I love your Clapotis! I'm making mine out of Manos, and I am very envious of how drapey and fragile yours looks. I also would be interested in how many repeats you did and balls of Silk Garden you used. I'm really tempted to make a second one after seeing yours. Maybe I should finish the one I already started first...


I love your Clapotis! I have some Silk Garden in 87 that I was thinking of using and your pictures inspire me. I'm curious, how many skeins did it take and what needle size did you use?


she's gorgeous! Love that silk garden. I chickened out from spending on the silk garden and went with the artyarns supermerino instead. I'm afraid that I may be making clapotis forever now, in every yummy yarn I find!


I saw your beautiful Booga Bags and I'm anxious to make one. In reading the pattern I have no idea how to "pick up and knit twisted stitches" to change from the base to the main body of the bag. Can you help me with this or suggest a good on-line link that explains it? Thanks!


Yeah! Congrats on finishing the Clapotis! I finished mine at the begining of Feb! It's a real compliment getter -- so wear it out on those glum days!


Thank you for the link. It's beautiful, and the dropped stitches look perfect. The self-striping of your SG clap. looks a lot better than my Lion&Lamb one. So I have ordered the Silk Garden now! The 84 is my favorite of the SG colours too (but I have ordered something completely different for my friend!)

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