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Tuesday, February 22, 2005



Pretty yarn. I still haven't made the trip to Nina's yet but I've heard a lot of good stuff about the selection. I think a knitting book review section would be great, if you have the time for it!


I think a book review section would be great. I can't wait to read them.


Chuckle. Great minds think alike. I've already got a blog set up to do something similar with but haven't really gotten anywhere with it yet. Maybe we should do a Siskel and Ebert thing ;-)


I just went to Nina last week. It was the third time I was there. I bought some Mango Moon yarn and I'm in love :)


Oh yes! If you have the time and patience, definitely do a book review! Would it be interactive, where other knitters could comment? I personally never trust the book reviews on Amazon, so that would be great - since I would be able to match the reviewer's opinion to her knitting style. And you are thinking of just doing one where you write the review, that would still be very useful!

Eva Shiu

You have Angel in Purple Club colour ! It is the best colour in the best angora yarn. Looking forward to see the FO comes out !


Ooh ... I just checked this out from my library, and I love this book, too. And, completely randomly, can I mention that I just met Donna D.? She's quite nice!


Love the clapotis! I'm thinking of making one also in Silk Garden. How many skeins did you use?

The purple Angel scarf is gorgeous...

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