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Friday, February 18, 2005



I LOVE "publish on...". It is so great for those of us who get a surge of posting enthusiasm once a week or so. Can't wait to see the finished Clapotis!


did you get any knit picks yarn? i live in seattle and have been seriously considering a trip to their store (it is about 2 hours south). the prices are so great that I can't wait to check them out.

i'll be back tomorrow to see the clapotis!

happy weekend!


I love Scarf Style, too. I made the Misty Garden scarf in the same yarn shown in the book for my mother in-law. Even though I this scarf was scratchy on my neck, I loved it with a turtleneck (I had to try it on before weaving in the ends, right?) Anyway, I just gave away the scarf last weekend and it was hard to let go...beautiful yarn and great pattenr.

Knitting maven

Now of course I have to get the Scarf Style book. I keep saying, "enough scarfs," but....
I also like soft mohairs. The problem is that you really can't tell how they will feel until you knit them up. I cannot tell you how many skeins I start and say, "Yuck!"
I save them for when I do scarfs the long way. This way I just keep using different yarns, of coordinating or the similar color.


We have a new yarn called "Sissi" (no comments, please) from Bollicini, a Cascade family yarn, and it's TERRIBLY soft and VERY affordable.

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