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Wednesday, May 25, 2005



Just out of curiosity, have you made any of the sweater patterns from "The Knit Stitch" book?

I always look forward to your book descriptions, by the way. :)


These look like some great books. thanks for telling us about them.


I have been waiting for pictures of the Sarah Dallas book forever - thanks for finding them. Now all I have to do is wait until it comes out. The Isiguro is next on my list after I finish a William Maxwell book recommended by Cara (January 1) and Queen Noor's book. I am listening to The Devil in the White City - fantastic.

Sandy J

I just picked up Never Let Me Go and have been studiosly avoiding any mention of what the "secret" is they vagually alude to -- and now I guess it's cloning! Maybe you should white that out, lol. I don't know if that's truely a spoiler, though... maybe I'm overreacting. ;)

Great book choices, though!


That Sarah Dallas book looks fabulous...I've never heard of it. Thanks for the book review too! I try to read at least a book or so a month and I belong to a reading group that meets monthly, so hearing about new books is always welcome. Thanks :)


Have you seen previews for the new movie The Island? It's like the bizarro Never Let Me Go.


I read "Never Let Me Go" on vacation last week and enjoyed it . . . but I'd read the comments on Amazon and knew the secret ahead of time, which was both good--because I was picking up hints I would have missed, and bad--because I didn't get the full impact of the "reveal," which I would have liked to have had. (Let that be a warning to everyone--Amazon comments all too often have spoilers!) The only new knitting book I'm all that interested in is "Loop-d-Loop" by Teva Durham--my copy arrived yesterday. (There's a link to it on my blog today, if anyone needs it--not like I'm trying to generate traffic or anything, despite what I posted tonight!)


The Stitchionary looks good. I have been thinking of getting some of the Walker stitch books, but they didn't have them when I went to my lys last time. I LOVE "The Knit Stitch" and was wondering when/if another would come out. Of course I haven't picked up Purl yet, but now I'll have to. Yaay I'm excited now :)


I've heard that Never Let me Go is a fabulous book. I have it checked out from the library, and just need to find the time to start reading. Thanks for the book reviews you post on your blog, it helps me find more reading material.


Yeah, Never Let Me Go is on my list... it looks great, and the reviews are good too. Thanks for posting about the knitting books too--I saw that Sarah Dallas book... I am not sure I will buy it sight unseen but it does look very intriguing :)

Have a lovely Thursday, Julie!


The Sarah Dallas book looks fabulous. I'll have to add it to my wish list. Thanks for the heads up.


Julie, a while back I spotted some upcoming books at Amazon that looked interesting. Let's see - Nicky Epstein has a book coming out just on knitted flowers, there is an Interweave Folk Hats book by Vicki Square, Robin Hansen supposedly has a new mitten book, Nancy Bush and Charlene Schurch have sock books and finally, Melanie Falick has a holiday knitting book coming out soon.

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