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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Kate C.

I LOVE Brooks Farm yarn! I made my Misty Garden from Harmony. It's *so* wonderful to knit with.


That yarn looks really nice! So many people have mentioned Brooks Farm in their MSWF reports. looking forward to see what you knit from it!


lol, I JUST commented on what I think is that yarn in the previous post, still suitcase-d...I'm glad to know what it is!


I almost bought that exact same colorway while I was there! I somehow managed to resist it in a more practical moment... I love it!


LOVE the bag! :-D


The purse looks amazing! I can definitely tell they are flowers. The Brooks Farm yarn is beautiful.


I think I bought that same Brooks Farm colorway in Duet!!! Anyway, it was nice to meet you (sort of, but we didn't really, at the same time -- I can be shy and wierd like that)

Your Flower-embellished (they totally look like flowers)Sophie has inspired me to possibly take up needle felting!


I love your needlefelted bag...the owner of my LYS gave me a two minute demo...it looks really fun and what a great way to embellish the bags!


That's too cute, and a great choice of color!


Hi there Julie ... cute needlefelting project! And very appropriate on your Sophie, too. :) I'm the "vice president" of my local knitting guild and it doesn't involve too much work, but we're new and just starting up. We have not terribly organized meetings, and we're pretty low-key. Needlefelting sounds like a fun project, though. Take care!


Hi Julie- I think you just created a monster in me. I'm DYING to learn how to needlefelt now! No bag looks complete without it to me now. It looks awesome!


While in Philly, I came *thisclose* to buying a lot of needle felting goodies so I could embellish my Sophie bags. It is the perfect project for it! But the roving and drop spindle took up all my money, so I'll have to put it off for the (near) future...


I am not having much luck in finding info on needle felting. I felted a purse that was red, white, and blue. The white stripes turned pink. Someone mentioned to me needle felting. I don't know if I did it right, but it saved the bag. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Margaret

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