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Monday, May 23, 2005



All the logos were great, I'm amazed at all the talent on display. Birch is looking lovely, love the purple, but then I always seem to love purple these days.


It was impossible to make a wrong logo decision, with all the talent that was displayed. Your shots of Birch are inciting a lace itch in my fingers. Uh oh.


I love it. Great choice! All of them were wonderful, but I really do like the one you chose as the logo.


I loved all the logos. The one you chose is very cute and professional looking! Birch is looking good as well.


Your shawl looks lovely!


ooo u r making so much more progress with ur Birch then me with my Kiri. Really lovely! All the logos look good too.


Great choice on the logo. Kathy's is a great design.

Birch is lovely! :)


The Birch she is so fluffy! Lookin' good!


The Birch looks fabulous. :) And as I´ve seen some pics of you, the colour will look great on you. :D

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