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Thursday, May 26, 2005



I've heard so many great things about that books. I love the braided neckpiece. Your new hair color looks great! What brand did you pick? I really should dye my hair again...


I like Loop-d-Loop as well, and I'm with you on hair coloring. Every time I go in to a salon and say I want BRIGHT COLORED HAIR. BRIGHT. AT LEAST HALF OF IT. What happens? Maybe 20% comes out with a nice dark red or blue and the rest they dye back to my natural black. ARGH! So now I color my own hair, and I can go as wild and crazy as I want.

NYC Mouse

Hair: fabulous. Book: also fabulous. And I appreciate that Princess Leia took time out of her busy schedule-of-the-past to pose for the books' photo shoots.


That is a lovely color, but I can't help pining for the orange hair....


I looked at that book today too. I love the spiral geek kid's sweater. I almost bought the book just for that pattern!


I also have auburn hair, and highlights just don't work. I think the problem is that most hairstylists want to do blonde highlights. Well, auburn hair doesn't *do* blonde. If I'm in the sun too much, mine turns a brassy orange, which is what fake highlights look like.


The color looks like Herbal Essences Egyptian Plum (do they even still make that color?). I dyed my hair that color back in high school when our dress-code restricted hair color and it was the closest I could get to actual purple.


wow, those models on that website look a bit scary. One's even cross-eyed! Those patterns are a little strange, too.


OOoh ... I had a hair story *just like that* last November, two days before a Thanksgiving vacation at the in-laws ... and it took me two hours and $7.00 to change it back!! Thanks for the link to the Kureyon hats ... they were cute.

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