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Sunday, May 15, 2005



I can't wait to read Embroideries - I go back to Persepolis time and time again. I was a child in Iran (I'm American, not Iranian) just before the revolution and I'm about the same age as Marjane - I feel like she showed me what was going on at the time that I was unaware of. I understand Embroideries is a different type of book - so looking forward to it!


I just read "Never Let Me Go" last week, and thought it was realy interesting. I kind of wished I hadn't read the Amazon reviews and had the meaning for the school spoiled for me, and yet, I kind of liked knowing, so that I picked up some hints I would have missed. (I don't know if you know about Hailsham's "secret" yet and am not going to say one way or another!) Good book, though!

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