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Wednesday, June 01, 2005



Was that 2 pounds in a week? Wow!

(For the record, I think that 134 is a much more interesting number than 130. But to each her own :)


Excellent! I just started WW three week ago and am down 6.8 -- but I want to be down about 30 total. Thank you for posting your story.


Awesome job! I'm stuck pretty near there and want to be closer to 130...I better get exercising.


Good for you!!! Just started the Elizabeth bag in a yummy Cascade in a pink/raspberry color...I'm loving it so far. Take care.


Great job and keep it going! Just a note to let you know I started my Elizabeth bag this weekend in a yummy pink/raspberry Cascade 220...I'm loving knitting it...


okay...I seem to be messing up posting lately...ignore my second comment, but hey, it looks like you are getting lots of posts :) sorry


YEAH!! Good job! I need to get like 2 more off too!! I need to get outside and take a nice brisk walk every day! If I can cover hubby's excersise time then he needs to cover mine right!
(hey.. try this.. cut out wheat for the rest of the week.. see what that does!!)


yay for you!


Hey! Congratulations! I'm heading back to WW tonight... I am proudly a three-time lifetime member over the past twenty four years. (does that mean I'm a yoyo dieter?) Anyway...so proud of your achievement!

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