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Monday, June 13, 2005



35.75 miles (not counting craft/garage sale/no name stuff either). I'm embarassed to admit that as an accountant, I have always had my stash detailed on an excel spreadsheet. I have calculated, but never disclosed the linear total before! LOL


Oh my! I have no idea for my own yarn, but I DO have my entire library catalogued, including topic, location, whether I've read the book or not . . .


Man, now I suddenly want a stash spreadsheet. Geeks unite!


I love spreadsheets, guess that's the accountant in me....money spent on cleaning = priceless. Good for you :)


Just shuddup about the cleaning service, will ya? I'm afraid to know how many miles of yarn I have, but I don't THINK I have anywhere near 15 miles! Please tell me it couldn't be so!


I totally love spreadsheets, although databases excite me even more. I'm such a nerd for that sort of thing. It's all so organized, and I love me some organization :)


That's a lotta yarn. Of course I've never actually figured out how much is in my stash. Now that may be my next project!


Spreadsheets scare me! I'm a lawyer because I don't do math. You don't have to do math to be a lawyer - it's a good fit. I have a cleaning lady too and it's the best money I spend every month. I'm not sure how I ever got along without her. One thing's for sure, if you don't have to spend time scrubbing toilets, you have more time to knit!


um dude i have 42 miles MORE than you - 15 is a pleasant little tiny stash!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cleaned the house? I have a vague memory of what that is. But I'm sure I'd love to have some else do it for me. Yes, definitely sounds wonderful!

How did they manage around the 15 miles of yarn?


This is what I should have been doing the other night when I was up until 3am! Although I am a little worried to actually know how many miles...

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