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Wednesday, June 29, 2005



Spinning is really something I'd like to try. I've been hinting to my husband that I'd like a wheel for my birthday. Then I just have to find someone to teach me!


Woo hoo! I think it's LUCKY that I haven't been to a Sheep & Wool festival yet, really, since I've gotten into enough trouble with roving over the internet. Spinning is fun! I just have to actually get around to, you know, knitting with some of my handspun one of these days....


Good for you....I know nothing about it, but it looks like fun to spin your own yarn and then knit it...your first try looks fabulous!


I think the yarn looks great!
And I just got my Ashford Kiwi out of hibernation after six years of non-use due to moving, renovating, and birthing/caring for 2 young children. Still haven't found much spinning time, but I'm working on it.


That's so happy! I mean, if you didn't get the hang of it, you could have donated the wheel to me... But I'm glad it's getting some use now :)


There you go.You've cracked it ! There'll be no looking back now. ;-]


Great looking yarn! I like to let my Ashford Joy run around in the backyard when I don't have time to take her for a spin. Otherwise she gets antsy and I'll find her in odd places trying to trip me up.


Ahem. You're killing me over here. I'm still waiting for some light to go off, I think. But I'm glad (really!) you're enjoying it. Maybe that means there's hope for me. I'm starting to wonder if it's that I got the wrong wheel. We haven't bonded....or something.


WooHoo - practice makes permanent! Let us know when you come up for air from the arms of the spinning Norns.


You are too fast for me, girlfriend! I barely, just barely get that spindle stuff down and you're mastering that wheel. You know you can't get out of taking lessons at the Fold with me that easily ;-)


Your spun yarn is so beautiful! It seems like everyone is taking up spinning too...I barely have enough time for my knitting! Your work is gorgeous!


I'm trying to teach myself to use a drop spindle and it's driving me up a wall. Do you have any tips for me?


Oooh, I'm jealous. I'm lusting after an Ashford Joy, frankly, and I keep having to remind myself that I'm a law student with heavy debt and no income, which certainly doesn't add up to me being able to buy a wheel!! By the way, your link about spinning terms isn't linked and I'd like to see the page!


Very interesting..:)


I love my Joy and my DH has said it can stay next to the fire which is just by my knitting spot! What a constant reminder to get spinning? I'm with you on the treadling, I have to remind myself that I'm not a hamster on its wheel and that you can spin slowly. And most of all, even practice is fun.


I love spinning on my spindle but I am so ready for a wheel. Too bad I don't have a few hundred bucks just laying around. I'm sure when I do get one that I'll spend a lot of time making a mess of things and swearing. It'd be great!

That roving is just gorgeous! And that yarn is lovely.


I'd say you've got the hang of it!! Lookin' good!

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