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Wednesday, June 22, 2005



Something about aprons is very...sexy. Especially if there is very little underneath. Of course I do not have any little ones about my house so I can tease...but I think guys like aprons. Especially since our generation of men did not grow up with them.


How fun! I love aprons, but you know what? I don't even own one! Perhaps I should knit one :)

Thanks for sharing the vintage pics, Julie!


I recently saw an apron very similar to the last picture and it was $50. Yep - five-zero, that was not a typo. It was cute, but who spends that much for an apron? I mean think of all the yarn you can buy with that money. Making one in that pattern is a great idea - very hip and sexy.


The aprons really ARE cute . . . 50s or not.


Those aprons are ADORABLE. I am such a sucker for anything 50s!!!


What great illustrations.


Hi! Last night on some HGTV show I saw a kitchen valance made from old aprons (the "Washing Apron" style.) The designers threaded lightweight wire through the ties of the apron so that they stood out kind of crinkly from the body of the aprons. It was really very cute and original. Maybe you can make aprons for all of your windows.


How about making an "apron making apron" that you can wear when you are making aprons!


suddenly remided me of "bree" from desperate housewives.


Julie, that book's a prize! I love the hairwashing apron (though they're all so 50's, aren't they?)
Thanks for the mention!


How odd, I was just thinking that I need an apron for work and see this post as I'm catching up on blogs. Guess I need to see if I can scrounge up enough to buy a yard of material and knit some ties for it. :) See what you started! And my sewing machine's in storage to boot. It's either hand sew or gluestick or both. LOL


Y'know, those things are pretty useful. Not only do they keep you clean, they're very handy if they have pockets for all sorts stuff! I used to work at Crate and Barrel and always had finger puppets, jacks 'n balls and bits of string on me for spontaneous play. I guess I could make one with my new sewing machine!

amy k.

I was just reading way back and found this-can't believe I missed it-good lord! now I am obsessed with finding this book. our library doesn't have it and the online book stores don't either. . .you found a gem! maybe an inter-library loan would work?? ;) thanks (I think) for posting about it!


My Grandmother illustrated this book!!...I can't find it anywhere!!! Sell me yours!!


My Mother is Catharine Karuschkat. She died over 30 years ago. How can I get this book? I can't believe this exists!
Katherine Karuschkat

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