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Friday, June 17, 2005



Really love your Birch! It's beautiful, love the color!

Teresa C

Don't expect the escape velocity to have totally cured a need to knit with KSH. Birch is lovely and I love the color. I know more than one that haven't blocked theirs, I did mine and was happy. You will love having this shawl.


it is beautiful!


Your birch is lovely! What a gorgeous color! I just received that particular Rowan book in a trade and I might have to make this the summer of lace for me, too! How many yards did your Birch take? I have some mohair/silk in a different brand and I wonder if I have enough of it...


okay...I love your Birch...now I'm wanting to knit it....I'm knitting the KSH scarf from LMKG right now, though. I love Dewberry, but unless you want sock yarn, I don't think I have any worthy trades. Birch is just pretty...I can't say enough.


Love the color! As evidenced by my own use of it for a cowl and one of these days the matching camisole... Which means no trades for me, since I have a current surplus of the stuff myself. But, ah, the purple...yours is the first birch that has tempted me to knit one, as it's the first I've seen in Dewberry.


I made the Airy Scarf from Last Minute Knitted gifts in that very color. It uses less than one skein. I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

Your Birch looks amazing!


Beautiful! beautiful! Makes me want to knit faster and faster to finish mine! :)


Beautiful color!


*wow* is all i can say!


Your Birch looks great! I never did bother blocking mine--I was happy with the way it looked without it . . . though I'm still tempted to block it, just to see what the difference would be!


Your Birch is gorgeous! The colour is gorgeous! WOW!


Beautiful Birch, Julie! I love that pattern :)


Your Birch shawl is wonderful. I love the color. I've thought about knitting it myself but I have no idea what the "lace cast-on method" is that's called for in the pattern. What cast-on did you use?


Ohhhhhhhhhh Just Beautiful...
And your Model looks so sweet in it :)


ok, i know i've come late to the party, but i've been gifted with 3 balls of kidsilk haze, and i want to make birch, but i can't find the pattern. where did you get yours? thanks a ton!

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