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Tuesday, June 07, 2005



Well I'll definitely be signing up for Harlot's next book. Color in Spinning sounds really informative too. Whenever I get into spinning I'll have to look it up. I love book reviews :)


Oooo... I love how your yarn turned out!


that yarn is yummy...it's a simple idea, but what about a knit headband or baby hat...can't wait to see it knit up...love reading your book reviews too :)


don't forget wristers, a great project for a litle bit of yarn


No no no...if I keep reading posts like this, then I'll have to start dyeing my own rovings! It all looks so fun. And your yarn is yummy. I agree that fingerless mittens could be nice. Or could you use it as trim on a larger project?


I love how your yarn turned out!! And thank you for the head's up on Stephanie's book. I can't wait for it to come out!


The yarn looks wonderful. Is there enough for a hat? Otherwise the gloves are a good idea.

Thanks for the reviews of the dyeing books. I've been wondering about the second one.

melissa j

the yarn looks great - you could do stef's one-skein wonder shrug, perhaps? i didn't notice if you said how much was there.

hooray for another yarn harlot book!


Your yarn is fabulous! And I agree completely about Color in Spinning--the color theory in her book is amazing!


That was some quick spinning. Nice.

Now that Deb Menz's book is back in print, I really should buy it....


First thing I thought of was the One Skein Wonder..(I am swatching for that now)
But hey.. Stitch Diva has a really cut page boy hat that might just fit the bill..


Ur yarn turned out great! I was wondering how that roving would turn out. The color scheme is an unexpected surprise to me.


That yarn is BEAUTIFUL! It makes me want to go and dye the Corriedale I bought on my first fiber shopping trip, followed by the Merino I bought last week. Fabulous!

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