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Tuesday, June 21, 2005



Its a fabulous book, isn't it. I bought it last year but haven't actually made anything from it. Hard to choose where to begin! Enjoy it.


I'm off to amazon to check out the book, etc....it looks wonderful and the sock pattern may be just what I've been searching for...thanks for all the details :)


I'm glad you like the book b/c I have it and think the patterns are lovely. There are a few shawl patterns and the socks on my to-do soon list. There just isn't enough time to get it all done.


LOVE the spiral shawl, can't wait to see it if you knit it.

Lisa Dusseault

Hi Booga,

I love the book too and knit a shawl from the patterns immediately -- the spiral shawl. Here's pics.


Wow -- thanks for the great reveiw of the book!
It's on my some-day once I've made a few more lace things list.


Yes, yes, I love the Vanalinn gloves! It was an easy pattern and they are so elegant. I should buy some more yarn to make a second pair. I did them in bright red but would love some in black or dark purple.


There really are some lovely patterns in that book--I also love that spiral shawl, and just in general love that frost flowers lace. I did think that there were a couple things that were kind of ugly, though--towards the back (though I can't remember specifics). And--just as a formatting complaint--I had a hard time telling where one pattern ended and the next began--I didn't like the way they headed each pattern page . . . but that's just a minor little thing, and doesn't really take away from the beauty of most of the patterns. I'm really glad I got a copy!


I'll have to browse through it sometime. I've been dieing to find some great lace patterns. That spiral is beautiful and the frost and flowers...divine.


drooling right now...


Why do these things happen. I know the book is out there, but I have purposely not looked at it. Now I just have to get it:) Thanks for the sneak peek. I thought it was all shawls. I think I need to make those gloves as well. I think they would look really delicate without finger tips too.


Oh lace...it really is a summer of lace, huh?
the designes are really pretty.


Ooooo, that Frost & Flowers shawl must be mine! I didn't know the book was out in paperback. Thanks for the enabling, umm, notice.


Thanks for the review! A lot of the knitting books aren't released in Australia, so we have to order them sight unseen. I've had this on my wishlist for a while, but wasn't sure because I couldn't really see it. I've been looking for a lacy glove pattern, and that one looks great! And the shawls are gorgeous!


Thank you for enabling me. I will buy this book. if anything, just so i can knit those gloves!


I've had my eye on that book since I discovered how attainable lace knitting was. Thanks for sharing the photos--I love that pinwheel shawl!

Teresa C

I love that book and have many of the projects on my to-do list. I think the paperback version has corrected much of the erratta, but possibly not all. Best to check.

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