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Monday, June 27, 2005



I really like your lace pattern, and I'm eagerly anticipating its publishing. (Hint: Hurry up!) I gravitate toward geometric shapes rather than flowers and leaves, and I think this pattern would be perfect for some yarn in my stash.


Lovely lace! It reminds me a little of chain-link (in a good way!), with the sort of twining effect - very nice. I really like that lamp, too!


Beautiful design! Very elegant.


P.S.- I love your site! My first felted project was the Booga Bag with two shades of purple Cascade 220. Thanks for the inspiration and the pattern!


Nice lace pattern...that's amazing that you can do that. It's so beyond my realm of even trying yet!


Very nice. I like it!


Very nice lace design and I love the lamp, too! Do post about Swedish decorative arts if you get a chance to put something together sometime. I'm sure it would be quite interesting to a lot of us.


that lace is beautiful and so are those lamps!


The lace pattern is lovely, yet a little modern, which I really like. I've not made anything lace yet, so hurry up with the pattern already...I'll make yours my first attempt :) Can't wait to see the new bag design too. The lampshade is very nice too! We don't have IKEA nearby, so I'm envious. Take care.


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melissa j

lovely lace! i like the mix of shorter and longer diamonds. :)


I love the lace! I can't wait to see the pattern.


Lovely lace design. I'll be interested to see/hear how it knits up in KSH.


I like it. It is simple, yet interesting. It would be lovely in the KSH - and orange would be fabulous. Very cute lamp - I love decorating stuff!


I like it it is simple and not fussy!

Hmm hey I have two balls of KSH waiting for a project!


I love the lace! Its fabu. That lamp is pretty rockin too :)

Sam Kleinman

Hey, i like that lace pattern, and would totally use it in a shawl thing that I'm making. I sort of desing as I go, and cool looking lace patterns seem to work themselves in... so yeah

count me in....



I'm admittedly unbiased and know virtually nothing about knitting. But I can honestly say it looks quite nice in person.


The lace looks great! I can't wait to see what it turns in to. The lamp is way cute too :)


Like everybody else, I really like the lace.


Really like the lace pattern. I've seen diamond patterns, but none like this- much more interesting! I do hope you'll share.


I like the pattern a lot. Oh I can already see wearing two at once! Same color different fiber:)

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