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Saturday, June 18, 2005



I love the zippered pouch. Great job with that zipper. I always found it my worst enemy. Do I smell a Booga Pouch pattern coming up?


I don't have any tips, but it looks great. So cute :)


That's adorable!!!!


I like!!


LOVE! Just love your posts lately too...even though your a 'process' girl you seemingly productive too with all these wonderful pictures of your projects! What inspiration! Thanks!


That fabric is so cute I can hardly stand it! :)


ooooh, like the print. and it is lined? quality stuff!


Oh so cute and dotty! New makeup anyone? Hello Sephora.


Your suspicions are correct: that is extremely cute. For sewing help, see the Sil.


I love it! I love the inside and the outside...keep on and let me know when they go to market so I can purchase :)


As strange as it sounds, I wonder if the "wonki-ness" has anything to do with the outside fabric... I used that same fabric (Alexander Henry, right?) for a quit and had major issues with the weave. It was so cockeyed that the sides were 1/2 - 1 inch off when folding the fabric in half according to the weave (i.e., not lining it up according to the selvages or design...) Just my 3 cents...


That is such cute fabric! All this sewing is giving me the bug to stitch something up. Very cute little bag...good job!


Hi There - It looks like maybe a slightly bit smaller liner would make it fit a bit better and you may try the iron-on type interfacing on the lining part and it makes it look a bit more finished. There is a type of zipper that looks like a continuous loop and doesn't have the seam part and that looks a little more finished too.
Love the fabric, love the size - love to carry these if you get the pattern written as well as the others are.


OMG! You should sell those. I would buy it -- I love the fabric! So talented! Sewing on buttons challenges me. :)


That's a really jiffy pouch u did! and OMGoodness, i can't believe u've finished Birch already. I'm still plodding with mine.


I second the interfacing! You can get a very thin (to very thick) interfacing for your uses and it is very easy to use.

Gorgeous bag!


Darling, just darling little zippered bag you've cooked up.

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