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Monday, June 20, 2005



I love having a Bloglines-generated list of blogs--I don't have to do anything to update it, it changes as my list changes and does all the hard part for me. What's not to love?


yipppeee a new bag pattern in the works...can't wait to watch and see the progress. I must check out that bloglines list thingy...


You are peach for doing that. Thank you so much!


Because I am at work I can't post a pic to you but my sis and I designed what we called a KGB...a Knitting Gadget Bag. There was a fold a basic lined flat piece that had a knitting pouch sewn into it...with a zip too. Also I put in vinyl slots for dpns to easily slip in too. It all folded up nice and neat with a velcro closure. If you remind me, I will send you a pic once I get home from work.


So when someone wants to buy my blog and turn it into a porn blog, will I know I've really arrived on the internet? ;) That's quite amusing.

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