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Thursday, June 30, 2005



Looking very lovely! I just got a wheel at Estes and I just posted my first plied yarn from it, though I didn't take a close up pic. I guess I should do that, huh? :-)




Amazing difference. Great job!


I want it I want it...it is soooo pretty! Bravo!!!


Pretty! So much to learn, so little time. I need to quit my job (or figure out how to work less or from home) so I can have time to learn to spin and knit more. Then I could raise sheep and goats and have my own "wool". A perfect plan, now if I could only win the lottery.


simple wonderful! What a difference some twist makes. Great job and gorgeous colors.


That top photo is enough to tempt the most disinterested to try spinning. Beautiful!


Looks great--it sounds like you're hooked!


Okay, now I really have to get my Joy out of its year long dusty corner:)
The one thing that I have found that drastically affects my spinning is the height of the chair I use. I finally have found one that I can spin all day on. I was getting so frustrated at a yarn store trying to re-learn to spin last year and then came home sat down and had no problems.


This so lovely and pinkpinkpink - a new favorite!! Looks yummy!.


I'm glad you put up the before/after pics. I don't spin, but I can really see the difference! Congrats on your discovery, I can't wait to see what you spin next.


It's absolutely beautiful!! I love it and wish it were mine :) Congrats!

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

That is some beautiful yarn you made! Almost makes me want to spin...almost.


What Stephanie above said. But wow, is that ever GORGEOUS, Julie! And you didn't even use the incredible microwave method? It really looks like that...so even and plump and lustrous. Bravo!

Bad Hippie

Hi! I wanted to let you know that I just completed a sophie bag (which somehow looks different than all the other sophie bags I've seen!), and that I love the pattern. I do have a question for you, though, if you have the time to answer.

I'm a novice knitter who really is just learning to pick up stitches. In the sophie pattern, you tell us to knit the bottom of the bag FLAT, then pick up stitches along the other three edges and join to begin working the body of the bag in the round. Well, I tried this a couple of different ways, but just ended up tangling my needles and muddling everything up. I had to simply knit the bottom, bind off, and pick up stitches along all four edges. Is there a tutorial that might help me figure out what I did wrong?



Beautiful! You'll notice a difference when knitting them, too. The newly plied yarn will be sproingier (that's not a word, is it?) and loftier, while the other would have been a little big drapier. I went through that with my Toad yarn. It's amazing what you learn by doing--I never would have gotten it if someone was trying to explain that to me. I love that pink color!


Gorgeous! I wish I knew how to spin now. Thanks a lot, like I need another hobby, ;-). Wonderful color, drool, drool.
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