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Thursday, June 23, 2005



I don't know, but I've got 2 balls of KSH myself (Khaki) to deal with, and no pattern yet. So I'll be watching here to see what everyone suggests for your 2 balls of orange!


No idea on the KSH or the flower basket shawl, but I wanted to say that the orange is very pretty.


That stuff will go so far. The camisole and cowl in Weekend Knitting (Melanie Falick) takes only 3 skeins. I've made the cowl so far, and that took just less than one, so you could easily get a camisole or a cowl out of two, I'd guess.


you could make the 'babushka' (in gathering of lace) by lizbeth upitis, and make it larger (just keep going until you run out of yarn.) i made quite a large one out of a couple of skeins of fingering yarn. it's garter with a built-in lace edging, for those who don't have the book at hand.


350 or 450 yds for the FBS depending on which size..


Sorry no suggestion, but wanted to say the yarn looks quiet yummy! Love the color!


So deliciously orange.

Two and a quarter balls of Kidsilk Haze were enough for my Birch. I would say that FBS was definitely a go with two.


I received my package today. Thank you so much!! You are too generous. I can't wait to make these:) Also, I had been wandering what those cards from Knitter's Review looked like. Thanks for including one.


I don't know, but that color is lucious!

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