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Friday, June 03, 2005



Wow, Indian Summer knits up beautifully doesn't it?!?! No need to gild the lily with a fancy pattern, eh? And I don't see any color pooling- did it come out that way or did you have to do some working on that?


Oh, I just wound up a skein of Indian Summer last night. I was going to wait until I finish one of the pairs I'm working on, but it's so pretty, I may have to start before that.


Ahh, Cherry Tree Hill. Beautiful colorway, and what a name. Nothing wrong with a good pair of socks on the needles :)


What is your usual sock pattern? I have been looking for a good one. Thanks


The colors are gorgeous. I have yet to try the Cherry Tree Hill yarn for socks. Your sock makes the yarn even more tempting!


That colorway is so pretty! I haven't seen CTH yarn in any shops, only online, but will have to hunt some down.
Thanks for the mention!


Really liking the sock colorway...very nice!

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