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Thursday, June 09, 2005



Your bag looks great! There's a nice tutorial on lined, zippered pouches at http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=22875.0



Your bag looks great! Very professional looking!

I love craftster, too, for the tutorials.

Lately, the sewing bug has hit me. I bought a book put out by FIT on different bags.


I love the bag! I've been fighting off the sewing bug myself. I do think I will be succumbing this weekend and making myself some flirty skirts. Though that bag is tempting me...


why yes you do sew!!! and very well i might add. great bag!!!!


:) I just ordered a pattern and fabric to make myself a nice summer knitting bag. I guess that sewing bug is biting everyone these days. Cute bag - I love the stripes. Makes me smile just looking at it.


Love the colors on your bag. Very summery.


okay...that bag is very fun...I'll buy if you're selling...what I need is another knitting bag....really!!


What a great summery bag. I really like the way the greem compliments the stripes


That is simply adorable! It makes me almost want to learn to sew, although asking my Mom to make one for me would probably be faster! Too, too cute!


Totally adorable! Very cool that you put it together without a pattern and created something so cute.


Sew pretty (har-de-har-har). But really, I love the fun fabrics. I can't wait to find a good place for my sewing machine :)


I agree.....what a cheery looking tote for summer! Great color combo! Thankx for sharing this picture.


wow! love the fabric and the fact that it's reversible!


Cute bag! I just made a new one myself over the weekend. I got some cute fabric with lucky Japanese cats on it. I fused interfacing to the back of the main fabric before cutting (and lined it), and it is sturdy enough to stand up and sit flat while you knit.

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