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Friday, July 15, 2005



After all you have been through, you definitely need fiber therapy! I hope you find all kinds of soft, happy fiber to bring home with you :) I can't wait to see what the lawyer says. You know, all the woman had to do was apologize.


Perfect. A supportive husband, a good lawyer, and fiber therapy. What's better than that? Nothing!


Have a nice, relaxing weekend, you deserve it (a little yarn/retail therapy might help too). Take care.


I hate that you're going through this.. but I'm glad you have a husband (and hopefully) a good lawyer.. I don't see why a magazine who wants to make money would pull something over on you like this.. THEY came to YOU in the first place.. I mean.. what the heck?

Fiber therapy sounds really good.. I hope you have a good time : )


You'll make it through this and come out the winner Julie, there is no other option as far as I can see it. Shopping will be just what you need, show us what you come home with next week?


I love that you've got 'my woman/my man' links on your pages! So cute! It's going to work out! They are the ones in the wrong. Makes you wonder how many times they've done this...


Take it easy! You need the rest.


mmmmm fiber therapy... and a wonderful hubby as well? Good for you! Enjoy the weekend, rest relax and let it go, it's all in the hands of your attirney, whom I am sure will make this all right =)


Yay fiber therapy!!

Teresa C

Whew! I go a few days not checking all the blogs and I miss this! It goes without saying that I, along with hundreds of other bloggers, support you. Deep cleansing breaths! Hug your baby. Get a back rub from your husband. Breathe!


Wow! I am so sorry. I've been out of town and was shocked to read what you've been going through. Good luck with a positive outcome.

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