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Wednesday, July 13, 2005



Regarding tripods and such: If you use the self timer on the camera, you can get good pictures, even without a tripod. I jiggle the camera when I take close ups, almost every time. But if I use the self timer button I can control the camera better. Lovely handspun!


I'm grinning at that fabric . . . it's a knitting bag waiting to happen!


I really need to work on my photography too. Your handspun is beautiful.


I agree -- Sweet Georgia's photos are just so gorgeous. But yours are nice as well!! I can't believe that copyright infringement story. I hope that they resolve it soon, but I'll still shoot an email off for you.


Yep...I agree, that fabric is a knitting bag for sure, waiting to happen. I think your photographs are great.


that yarn is just divine. yummy.


Every now and then, we all get a little over-exposed!

That's some neat looking fabric. I'll bet by the time I get to the web site, it's all sold out.

Chin up and have a great rest of your week.

K. Anne

Mystery solved! Lol.

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