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Wednesday, July 13, 2005



That is really, really awful of her. I hope that you can get through this minimally scathed. It sounds as though it was an intentional "mistake," and even if it was accidental, her actions demonstrate that she is refusing to acknowledge her fault in this matter and fix it! Good luck with this mess.


Wow - the really amazing thing is that this professional woman has given you plenty of ammunition in the form of her e-mails. There's nothing like documentation to prove that she knew exactly what she was doing! Good luck, and let us know what happens.


Ohmygosh...who is this lady? What she promised you is in no way extravagant! She should just uphold her end of the bargain, before she is blackballed by internet bloggers...we don't forget you know. I had never heard of the mag before, but I certainly won't look for it now!


If typepad gives you a hard time about anything (In case they complain), I can so set you up with a blog on my hosting plan. It's probably a little less likely to bow to pressure. Just in case.

But, damn, that's evil.


Wow, I would be shaking, too. I can't wait until you are able to talk to a lawyer, b/c I really don't think that she can ask you not to post quotes from her e-mails. If she was actually smart, wouldn't she have had their lawyer contact you rather than blasting you herself? I think that she's digging herself a Very.Big.Hole. Sorry you have to deal with this!


I'll refrain from what I really want to call her, but I can also say that I bet your strategy is working and she's suddenly not happy with the extra "attention" she's suddenly receiving.

She can do whatever she likes with your supporters' emails, but if they cc them to you, keep them.

Lee Ann

Yep, keep every single thing you have on her, including cc'd mails to her, and no, we do not forget. I've only heard of this magazine as a possible source of good stuff, and now I'm not going to bother with them.

Mean people suck. More power to you and your lawyer. Bonne chance, and we're all behind you on this one, that's for certain!

Meanwhile, be gentle with yourself above all, because you certainly deserve some gentleness in all this.


Unbelievable. Instead of simply apologizing she is denying and attacking? Some PR skills.


Wow. I've never heard of this magazine, although I am familiar with their parent magazine, Stampington.

I can't believe that they won't give credit where credit is due, and I hope you and your lawyers can find some sort of resolution to this.

We're behind you all the way! Good luck!


Best of luck !
Try not to get too upset. You're in the right. Just hope that right prevails.


This sounds so utterly frustrating. I don't understand why it's hard for her to say 'I'm sorry'. I do hope you receive proper recognition with legal help...you certainly are due it. Stay strong and knit/sew your frustrations away and let us know how we can help. Take care.


It is really difficult dealing with people who are dishonest. How can you find any ground of reason if they are willing to go to a place of lies or deception. I have been following your situation and am sorry to see that it has gone this far. You are now in the fight or flee predicament. Just know that we back you up in your fight.

I just find it absurd that she won't allow you to quote her emails but she is willing to steal your work. Where is the reason in that? Why is she demanding that respect without giving you the same respect in the first place? How upsetting - I would be shaking too!


Oh. My. Gosh. What a woman! How can someone be so two-faced, especially when asked about something she offered to do in the first place! I hope you can put all that angry energy to good use, knitting or doing something productive, so that something good comes out of this situation!


Good luck with the lawyer. I find that the people that will steal will also be brazen and attack when found out. Hold your ground - let us know if you need help!

Gabby Kang

I suggest contacting your lawyer ASAP. She sounds like she's going to be a real b*tch to deal with -I think legal action is going to your best option.


Un-freaking-believable!!! I am just floored, my mouth is hanging open as I type.....I am sooo sorry that you have to deal with someone so unscrupulous, mojo, hugs, and prayers are going your way that this will be resolved.....I'm behind you!!


It makes you wonder what else they've stolen ...


Oh I'm so sorry! This really sucks. I'm horrified for you. I do have a copy of the email I sent her if you want it, though I may have bcc'ed you on it when I sent it.

I think it is an excellent idea to retain legal representation at this time and to make all further dealings with this company go through that channel. Don't back down. Don't give up. If they did this to you, I wonder how many other artists they've screwed? They'll just keep getting away with it until someone finally gets through. Hey, if you need help with legal bills on this one, maybe your knitblog community can help arrange some fundraisers. I know I'd donate/knit/buy for this one.

Best of luck.


What a crap magazine!! I can't believe her response; she's obviously using the 'a good defense is a good offense' philosophy. I'm sure she's hoping you'll go away. Get yourself to a lawyer - pronto!! We're pulling for you!


You've obviously hit a nerve with this..uh....er...woman. She knows she screwed up. Glad you have a lawyer and please let us know if we can lend any sort of support or pressure. I'm more than willing to tell your story on my blog if you think it would help. Perhaps she does not understand how large a community of people she is dealing with here.


I agree that I think talking to your lawyer is a good idea, and while I'm not a lawyer, don't see how you could be at fault here, at all. She promised you credit that she didn't deliver--and she put it in writing. Case closed, so far as I'm concerned! And if I see that magazine at a store, I'm turning it around and hiding it behind the others on the rack! No. Bloggers don't forget--and we stick together!


I don't understand at all why this woman is being such a biotch about the whole thing. It is a mystery to me. It would have been so easy for her and the magazine to handle this the right way. Sigh.

I wish you luck and send you good vibes.


Unbelievable! I suppose we should wait until you get some advice from a lawyer...but then I think it's time for a MAIL deluge. Harder to deal with letters in hand as opposed to deleting emails. Yes, she can designate someone to open all the mail so she doesn't have to see it, but it's hard to ignore BAGS of mail arriving.

It is mind boggling that SHE is acting like the injured party here.


She is running scared - if I was her I would be worried about my job! Good luck - I have faith that right will prevail.


good for you! this is incredible.


She appears to have gone back on a deal. But you are possibly involved in email harassment (by encouraging people to email the woman)- a crime in some states - and posting a personal email without permission. Her actions do not entitle you to act unethically. The emails sent to her can be used against you if any court case occurs, as can your refusal to remove her emails from your blog.


Wow. That's upsetting. Sorry that's it gotten to this point. She doesn't seem very honorable.

Please keep us posted.


No problem. Let her delete all of the emails she has been sent by angry knitters on your behalf. I will send you a copy of the one I sent to her...she's just dumb if she believes that just because she deleted it from her computer, it doesn't exist. She sounds like a horribly unprofessional person. I wish you the best in getting this resolved to your satisfaction!

Toni R.

Does this woman have a higher up that we can send our e-mails to? She can't delete something that isn't on her computer.


Oh, man! That is something else!


There are so many words I want to say right now, but they won't help your situation. That woman is out of control, and no matter how I look at it, I don't understand how she is in the right. Contact your attorny. Don't delete anything! OUT OF F'ING CONTROL!!!!


I wont repeat the things already said here, but will add that I would be more than willing to write a snail mail letter to the publisher and any advertisers in the magazine - that's the real power here obviously since she doesn't seem to care about subscribers or single issue buyers who she may have alienated, but I'm betting her advertisers being aware of this issue might have an effect.

I will not do ANYTHING until you have spoken to your attorney of course, and I recommend others refrain from any further action as well.

This is really awful Julie and while it is not fun to go thru, with your attorney involved, I'm sure you will see justice served.



Don't delete or remove anything! Save everything. (She is doing herself a disservice by deleting what she has received, but then, we're not worried about that part of it.) Get a hold of your lawyer immediately. Do NOT do anything without one at this point. I would imagine that this will be solved quickly once you have a lawyer. Oh, and make sure that your lawyer has experience with media/copyright law.

It sounds like you are doing all of the right stuff. Keep it up, and keep us posted.


Wow... Good luck!

I am surprised she did not apologize and just say she would make an update in the next magazine. This is really bad publicity on her end...


Wow! I am pretty much speechless.
While I agree that a lawyer is the best course of action. I strongly recommend that all of us wait on any attempt to communicate with this "editor".
Granted we are all on the same team, what some of us wouldn't give to sink our pens, keboards, straights, circulars, dpns and crochet hooks into this woman. ( figuratively speaking of course).
I agree that a mass of snail mail would be hard to ignore. However, I am of the mindset that perhaps, J's lawyer( or a lawyer who kints) should draft us a letter, that all we have to do is copy/paste/print and SIGN. This way, J or any of us can't be accused of verbal attacks. Not to mention... Attorney letters can be deeply scathing in their simplicity.
Best of Luck Julie. We are all here for you.


good luck. Sorry you have so much going on. Let us know what we can do.


I wish that I was surprised, but I'm not. This individual has proven her weaknesses. The best advice my mother ever gave me was, "Rise above it Dear. Be the better person and you will win in the end." Julie, you have a great deal of support and a great many supporters. This is a serious fight and the final outcome may have consequences for many who choose to contribute to the wealth of free patterns on the 'net. May I respectfully suggest to all that we collectively hold our tongues/pens/fingers until Julie and her lawyer decide on a course of action and let us know specifically what we can/should do. And Julie, by rising above your opponent's tactics you claim a position of far greater strength. You have something this magazine can never attain - you are right.


Ppl nowadays are just horrible! It's unbelievable the lengths they go just to be nasty. They mess you up and ask you to cover their tracks?!?! Good thing you kept all the correspondences. I hope you get some justice.


Another idea...But I agree we should wait to see what your lawyer says....Give Belle Armoire low ratings on Amazon. OOOH How I want to do it now but I'll wait for instructions.


OMG I've been following your story, but haven't posted yet and I just want to say that is unbelieveable!!! The blogging world is a powerful force, and she really doesn't know what she's getting into. Glad you're seeking legal advice. She deserves to reap what she sows.

Aisling D'Art

Here's my reaction at the moment - http://www.livejournal.com/users/aisling/941321.html


Julie, this is terrible. We're all behind you and if there is anything I can do to help please let me know. Please keep us up to date...


I am sorry that things just got uglier. Hang in there.


I wish you the best of luck in resolving this situation. This woman's behavior seems so ridiculous and unprofessional. Hope it all works out.


I don't know if anyone else told you this since I didn't read all the comments, but I'm almost certain that she has no control over her emails. Once she sends them to you, they are yours--they are in your "possession"--they are not hers. If people who wrote letters retained control over them, you would never see letters or autographs from living, famous people for sale at auction or on eBay. I'm assuming the same is true for emails.



I'm so sorry you're going through this. Take a long bath and have some chocolate. Talk to your attorney and remember that keeping the high ground on this will go a long way.

Worst case scenario we can do a grassroots campaign. Can't you imaging all of us printing out a "Booga Bag pattern was printed without proper credit to design house BoogaJ." and inserting them into all the copies of BA we can find? It would be awesome!

Remember - you've got a lot of people supporting you out here.


I'm wishing you great big gobs of good luck all over the place.
I can't believe her nerve!!


Crappy of her, but not surprising. She's in "cover her rear" mode. I do believe that you've done nothing wrong. The e-mails she sent to you are in no way confidential and you, as the recipient, have a right to do with them what you wish. And the fact is, you in no way misrepresented what she said. Additionally, I don't believe you've in any way advocated harassment by providing an e-mail address for any of your friends who decided to e-mail the editor and express their displeasure in the magazine's actions. I believe a good intellectual property lawyer is the only way to go and I will be glad to help in any way I can. Please keep us posted.


Ahhh man. That sucks...Good luck trying to get this all straightened out...you absolutly deserve to get credit for it. I mean, come on! EVERYONE knows the Booga bag! What did she think she was going to get away with?? And that attitude...she just dug herelf and her magazine a very deep grave. Knitters are very loyal to each other, and we don't easily forget things!


Just one more voice saying we are beind you. I too wrote a letter, made a blog post, and informed my knitting group. Bascially I wrote a brief explanation and referred them to your blog. Please let me know if any of the content in unaceptable or if you would like copies.
Hang in there.

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