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Friday, August 26, 2005



Such a pretty color! Its so springy and bright.


Poor beautiful neglected #6- I still love you!


I like it it reminds me of lemon lime kool aid!!hehe

I like numba 5!! hehehe
Do numba 5!!!


wow, nicely spun, did you navajo ply it on your drop spindle too?


Very nice! But I can't wait to see # 5 done! That's my favorite one!


Doesn't it always seem like the prettiest rovings turn into not-so-pretty yarn? And the uglier rovings make the prettiest yarns?


Oh wow, so lovely!! I know, I'm in the minority, but I really love that color and how the two colors blended.


I totally agree with Natalie, but I also really dig the #1 and resultant yarn, so I guess I don't really know what the hell I think, except I dig that sample and how smooth and consistent your Navajo ply looks. How did you feel about the change in yarn texture?

P.S. Have you got the new HP yet? We're done with ours and won't need to reread it for awhile so we could send it to you and you could just send it back when you and yours are done with it. If'n yer interested.


Who made your niddy noddy? It's a very nice one. I do love what the roving has turned into.


Beautiful! I'd call it Lime-aid!


You continue to amaze...I like that color too!


It's so pretty! Can't wait to see the others! It's always a surprise, huh?


i like the looks of that navaho plied. someday i am going to have to figure navaho plying out, bur for now i have enough trouble just plying normally.


What Natalie said.

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