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Monday, August 22, 2005



Wow! Thanks for making me a winner :) I emailed you over my address. Glad to hear you got some knitting done, even if you had a sad weekend with the funeral.


Can't believe I guessed the right number. I kinda figured that you'd be hard pressed to have hundreds of knitting books.

Congrats Sarah! And many more years of happy bloggin' to you Booga!



Holy cow. I was waaaaaaaaaaaay off! :) I guess I thought you were more of a hoarder than you are. That's probably a good thing. Congrats Sarah!

And here's to many more great knitting blogiversaries.

(I was raising my Jamba Juice in a toast to you...just to give the visual)


I'm just amazed that I have MORE than you do. How'd that happen??

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