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Thursday, September 22, 2005



both amazon and merlot are wonderfully rich and lovely looking. good job!


I love those two colors, and I love them together!


What beautiful colors!

Felicia from sweetgeorgia

I love the Alden Amos book! He's technical and informative but down-to-earth and opinionated, which I like. The writing is light, fun and easy to read, kind of like EZ. And I do appreciate the schematics at the end of the book -- if I ever get some time, I'm going to try making my own set of hackles!

BTW, your spinning is lovely!


Wow. That shade of green and that shade of purple are my favorite colors. Gorgeous!


Amazon is lovely. (Merlot is quite nice, too, but a bit purpley for me.) Beautiful job!


Pretty, pretty colors!!


I just love the Merlot...it could be because it's my favorite color!


Wow! Those colors are gorgeous! I love deep saturated hues--those colors really speak volumes!

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