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Monday, September 19, 2005



Ooh! I like that Trekking colorway. It kind of matches your new blog banner colors, did you notice?


Man, I've got to get me one of those Golding spindles . . . they look so pretty, and I hear they're just wonderful to spin with!


So, if you are now a soccer mom, then it follows that you must have or be looking at, a minivan. If that is the case, be sure it is one with lots of space to tuck knitting into safely!


I have so got to get me a skein of that Trekking 100. Love the socks!!


Lovely Trekkings! I've been knitting a pair of socks in the same colourway and am amazed at how much they don't look alike, despite having the same colours.


Every time I see your Golding I get jealous now! Ah well, next MS&W... glad to see that you named those colorways... I was going to have a hard time remembering them otherwise. I'm very taken by the Merlot... but you knew I would be!


I love those socks. The sprinkling of the yellow/gold color makes me think of gold dust. Very nice effect!


Diggin' your new blog colors! My boys (all three of them) loved Eragon.


I'm all over this trekking yarn....
(note to self. Buy same yarn she has and make sure that you get the purple on the heel. It looks slick.)


Oooo... pretty pretty spindle!


I don't care how many times I see Trekking XXL #100, I fall in love all over again. I think it is the only sock yarn that has the possibility of being knit three times by me. I've done socks and a scarf with it already.I am totally, head over heels in love with it!


I'm about to start my Trekking XXL #100 socks - maybe even tonight before I go to bed! Now that I'm back in school, I have knitting time in my Biology class - it is either that or fall asleep!

I wonder if I'll get my Golding for my birthday tomorrow. Probably not, since I haven't seen any boxes in the mail lately! But a girl can dream, right? ;)


Bought the Trekking 100, but fairly novice sock knitter ( one pair done). What pattern do you use and are you using size 1's or 2's? Your new colors are GREAT!! Looks like Fall. ( It was 109 in Austin yesterday) Wah!!

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