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Tuesday, October 18, 2005



Wow - that looks complicated. Good job!!


That is so beautiful. I haven't ever knit anything that complicated and I have knit for 10 years. The patterns is turning out so nice. Great job!

Joan Hamer

I certainly can't be of any help to on the startitis issue but your sweater is absolutely stunning. Keep at it!


You can do it!! It looks amazing, absolutely amazing.


i cannot believe how incredibly beautiful this is. kudos to you!!! can't wait to see more finished!


Keep it up - it looks beautiful! What size needles are those - they look so tiny.


That's why I have never knit a sweater it just takes too darn long - but yours is looking great. Spinning, I tend to do from start to finish so it's instant gratification.


Oh my, what a beautiful sweater that will be when you are finished!


Wow! That is amazing! Keep it up! Fight through the starter-itis.

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