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Thursday, November 03, 2005



Makes me think of a "mother/daughter" version. Pete is right, things are cute when they are small.... like mini Longaberger baskets.

Chris Pokorny

I would LOVE a bigger Booga Bag. I've sort of played around with trying to make a bigger one (for example, I make the regular pattern, but use 4 skeins. I make the i-cord 8 feet long to make the handles so they fit easily over your shoulder, and then I use the rest of the yarn to just make the bag taller). I'm on number 6 of the 7 "sort of bigger" ones I'm making friends for Christmas -- I think they will like them. They are large enough to put your lunch in or a magazine and a small project, etc. I like the pattern because it is easy and fast -- so bring on the Big Booga! I have yet to find a decent felted tote bag that I like -- and I've looked at/tried LOTS of patterns.


My ideal felted bag would have a flat bottom that is wide enough to sit up by itself, kind of like a paper grocery bag but shorter. I'd like an outside pocket and an inside pocket and thick so it's sturdy. Maybe double strands of worsted or dk and good for using up scraps.


I'm glad that you are feeling better. Take care.


I love big bags with pockets and/or compartments. The more the better. I've never seen a single pattern for a decent sized partitioned bag.


I would love a bigger Booga too! I also played with the pattern a bit, using Big Kureyon, and (I think?) 1.5x the numbers of cast on stitches called for, making adjustments accordingly. It came out the right width, I just wish I had gone taller with it. I also added an inside pocket as well. It's closer, but not quite. I'm looking for a good sized project bag (standing on its own would be a plus!) and haven't found the perfect fit in a knitted version YET ;-) (no pressure or anything LOL)


I love the booga bag, and I would love to see a BIG booga bag. I can't wait for the patterns.


I actually already made a Big Booga Bag, just by following your pattern loosely and, well, making it bigger. I use it as a knitting bag (made of random scraps of bulky Lamb's Pride) and I get compliments on it EVERY time I go out. Want a picture? (Your version probably doesn't have dog hair on it, but everything in my world does.)


Things ARE cute when they're little, but as much as I love the Booga Bag, the way the handles go on it narrow the opening so much it's hard for me to use, and I think that problem would be even more evident in a smaller version.

A bigger version, though, would be great!


Love the colors on this one! How about a little black bag, maybe with beads to dress it up?


Your bag, as always, is just lovely. I "stop by" every day and am so glad you are feeling better. Best wishes for better days, always.


I love the idea of a small bag book! I have made a few booga bags as gifts and one friend loved it so much she signed up for a knitting class and now uses it for a knitting bag! Thanks for sharing your pattern!

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

Hello ! I've just discovered your blog and I'm happy of it ! I'm a french speaker so sorry for asking such stupid questions ! Can you tell me what is "kureyon" ? I guess it's wool ?! Can you explain to me if it's easy or not to knit this bag because I'm a kind of very very novice one !! Thank you for helping me ! Cheers !


I would love a Booga Bag that was big enough to tote knitting projects in. Thank you!!!

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