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Tuesday, November 22, 2005



heck no. not with the amount of time and effort that one goes through to develop, then write, then test knit the darn things. can't wait to see the new pattern and get it into my little mits to knit up!


My dad's a printer and he belongs to a craftsmen association. I can find you the name of the association if you'd like and they should be able to refer you to a good printer in your area. I think going with a local independent printer is the way to go. It's always nice to support small businesses and once you've established a relationship with the business orders should go much smoother.

Best of luck sorting out your printing problems. I used to run a press and I would have never sold someone an order that was off center.


Sounds like very poor quality control, and poor customer service. Terrible. I've used many printers for large run digests before, and the most important thing is to find a printer who will run one copy off for you to approve. You approve the one-off and from that point everything has to match. You might try small printing presses rather than "copy shops." In my experience presses are far more professional.


How frustrating! I hope you can find someone more reliable.


No you aren't asking too much, that's crazy. This is your business, but even if it weren't, you are paying these people to do something, for that money they should be doing it right. Good thing they aren't giving me that crap, I'd go postal on them. I can be pretty quiet and meek, until something like that happens, then I turn into my mother. (did I really just say that?)

I'm glad the surgery recovery is going well. I have surgery next week and hope to heal REALLY fast.


That doesn't sound like too much to ask to me!!


Not to sound too cynical...

Customer Service is a thing of the past.

Most customer-oriented workers (and many business OWNERS) are idiots.

Most are not taught to acknowledge their mistakes.

We are doomed.


Did you ever see the episode of the Dave Chappelle Show where the manager of the print shop is training new employee in how not to give good service?

Maybe you didn't see it, but it sounds like some other people did....

Sorry about the bad luck. My motto:
Nothing Is Easy.


It might behoove you to invest in a good-quality laser printer and a saddle-style stapler and do it yourself. If you buy a color printer, you can even forego the photograph on the cover and actually print the picture. Expensive, yes, but you've probably already spent enough on poor-quality printing to buy two of them, eh?


For work we've had good luck with a printer here in Seattle for shortrun print jobs -- they can run them on a digital press and with a longer lead time (9 days) the price is quite a bit less.

If you are interested I will send you their URL, at the least you would be able to use them for comparison purposes as they have their prices on their site. I have another printer as well that recently got a digital press and I know they can do stapling and they are very high quality.

Keeping business local to you is nice, but you won't necessarily have to pay sales tax if you do it out of state and if you get a better quality it might be worth it.

(Kinko's is the pits.)


Geez, that's terrible. I stay the hell out of Kinko's, no matter what.
Maybe I've just had really good luck, but I use two local independents for my stuff and I've been very happy. One for the business printing, the other for faxing, stamps, lamination (the etc. business stuff). Both have a system of proofs and approvals, even for the simple stuff--but they work fast, so this is not the pita it might sound like, and they are certainly faster, with better quality of EVERYTHING than PopCopy--pardon, Kinko's.

After all, it works better for both of us if they do the job right the first time.

Kinko's doesn't seem to care how much they mess up b/c there's a seemingly endless supply of customers, and the kids who work there really aren't vested in the business, and it seems like your business guy knew he'd screwed up and didn't want to eat it.

Anyway, none of that helps you. Sorry. Just wanted to commiserate and say there are "good ones" out there and I hope your next experience is with one of them.


I can't wait to see a pic of the baby Booga-hurry and post it please?

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