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Friday, November 18, 2005



One of my favorite children's books? "Round Trip" by Ann Jonas. You read the story, with its black and white illustrations of a trip into the city, and then at the end, flip the book over and go back in the opposite direction--the pictures work in both ways, and it's amazing. Love that book.


We love Sandra Boynton books at my house, too. Billy "oohs" along with me when I sing/read Snuggle Puppy.

Teresa C

I love Robert Sabuda's books. I own most of them and this one will be mine soon. No one does pop up like he does.


Books, books, BOOKS! I LOVE BOOKS!!!

Such a nice gift.

Tom and I love Boynton! I bought a stuffed Edgar Allen Hippo...oh my...about 22 years ago! I used to sleep w/him, then DH slept w/him and now he sits in a place of honor on the headboard. Yup. 2 full-grown adults, we are!

SO glad you're feeling better. Holidays are awful when you're under the weather. Tell your throat that the foods about to start a-coming!

Can't wait to see the Baby Booga!

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