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Wednesday, November 02, 2005



Yeah - it's frustrating... I too have days where I don't want to get out of bed... don't want to do anything... don't want to function... But I have found personally that the only thing that helps is knitting (although I have to be in the right space to knit).. but usually it makes me feel better


Aww Julie - I know what you mean about being locked into place. I've been struggling with depression for a few years now and have been unmedicated for several months now, but I'm starting to wonder if that's a good choice for me.

I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and send happy, peaceful vibes your way.


I'm so sorry to hear that! I am a diagnosed dysthymic, and have had occasional mild cyclical bouts of depression since I was about 18. I don't take meds either. I can understand how you are feeling. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't "stick" this time. Have some chocolate - it's good for seratonin levels :)


Hope is a good thing Julie. Hang in there. Why no meds though--they help. Hang in there and hugs to you.


I'm sorry you're feeling down, and I can totally relate to how you feel. I hope the walk helped and if not that you find something else that helps you pull back.

Be kind to yourself.


I'm so sorry, Julie! Hang in there. I'm sending you good vibes and hugs!!


Take care, dear Julie. Be good to yourself and get lots of hugs from those you love.


I hope the walk helped and your feeling back to your old self again real soon.


Hey J -- I'm always here. Just call. But a walk with a lovely 5 year old is certain to be a good thing. Hope the fall sun helped you this afternoon.


A walk on a beautiful day with the kidling sounds like just the thing . . . or at least, a start! Hang in there.

rachel m

i've suffered since i was about 8. a few years ago i chose to start medication. not much, nothing too strong. honestly, i'm not even sure it REALLY helps, but. this time of year always gets me down. it gets dark so early, it is getting colder, and it just makes me cold and lonely. the important thing is that i take ME time. i let myself get in bed and read, or knit that extra 10 minutes- anything for the purpose of smiling. hope you're feeling better soon!


Oh Julie I am so sorry that you are having one of those days. I really could have written your post. For me I am quite sure it's hormonally triggered, but not in the standard PMS type way. It's strange isn't it how sometimes you feel it coming and you can get around it and other times you just get stuck. I will be sending you lots of happy thoughts about getting unstuck for today!


Ah. I have so been there (and still am, some of the time). Getting outside does help.
Sometimes the world is a bit much, no?
Hang in there!


Most years, I get sad because the days are shorter. It's so hard to explain to others when I feel sad for no real reason even when I feel it coming on. Take care of yourself, and keep in mind that it will pass. I'm sending good vibes to you too.


Awwww sweetie. I've suffered from Depression off and on for 17 years now. My biggest problem is SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Perhaps the time change set it off, losing that natural light really does have that affect.

You're not alone that's for sure. A nice walk with the kiddo should brighten things up :)


Oh booga. Yes we all understand. You are not alone. So many of us have been there, are there, or have loved ones who are... I am so glad you are able to take care of yourself. That in itself is worthy of celebration. I hope you can enjoy things more soon.


My thoughts are with you -- my husband suffers from depression and although I only know what it looks like from the outside, I know it's a place no one wants to be.


I am sending some yarn vibes your way . E-mail your addr hon and I'll put a little something in the mail that might cheer you up. Not saying yarn or Japanese craft books are anti-depressives, but ya know, every little bit helps on down days.


Having suffered from a rare and brief bout of depression myself just this week I can only imagine how you feel. I noticed, however, that I had not exercised in 9 days, a rarity for me. Coincidence? Well, I ran 3 miles yesterday, complaining all the way, but I felt like a million bucks when I got done and for the rest of the day. I asked my running partner, in fact, what percentage of people who are on antidepressants don't exercise. Would fewer people need medication if more of them worked out? My point being, I bet the walk helped.

Hang in there.


I'll be thinking about you today, take care of yourself!! Jane


I hope the walk started to pull you out of the grips.

I've been in and out of them for about a year. Can't explain it, sometimes I don't want to, other times I get SO pissed at myself.

Yes! Sending a snail mail addy might start the smiling and cut off the "baddies" at the pass!

Walk in the sun. Knit something fun.

There are lots of people...out "here"...thinking of you!


i figure i have had mild depression my whole life, but after my second child i had full blown post partum depression and had no interest in doing anything. i tried for six months (so i could nurse my daughter for a whole year) to get out of it on my own and when she weaned herself thought i was out of the woods. then i got into a bad spell just like you wrote about and i decided i was done doing it on my own. i'm now on a low dose of celexa and doing fine. i'm a little scared of going off it in the spring (that's the treatment plan so far), but it will be what it will be.

hang in there-it's hard sometimes to be motivated to do the things which can get you out of the funk, but you gotta do them. get outside in the sunshine-winter's coming and you gotta take the great light and warmth when you can.


Another comment to say - you are not alone. I have gone through the same thing for years and I'm also anti-meds.

I don't do the routines thing, but I bet that would help. Last year as a full-time SAHM without a "plan" was really bad. Going to school this year has really helped.

I hope you're feeling more "up" soon.

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