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Tuesday, December 20, 2005



How cute is she? I love when little ones are crafting - my niece always wants to come over my house since I have all the "fun" stuff!


YEAH! That is wonderful! Something se will always enjoy- in one form or another, right? Love your table that was gorgeous!


Gotta get them started early. That kit is so fun! I love her sweatshirt too :)


What a cutie! And what a wonderful thing to get her started crafting early.

I've never seen corking/spool knitting/whatever before...it kinda looks like fun, even for growups.


Love the proud, accomplished look on her face!


I love knitting spools, and I'm impressed by the young new knitter!


Wooo hoo! She is in knitting without needles territory!! She must show off her creations at the KWON message board!!http://www.knittingwithoutneedles.com/forum/index.php
And check out Isela's sites http://isela.typepad.com/looming_crafts/ there is lots of information there!!!


I gave my youngest a knitting spool last year for Christmas (she had just turned 4yo). She loves it and has been bugging me to knit with needles now.

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