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Friday, December 09, 2005



Wow! That's a lot! I'll have to post a list on my blog this weekend. I don't think I've tried that many, but I know I've dabbled in a lot. I'm an avid beader as well, and would have to say as far as wonderful bead books, there are a ton, but I always love flipping through Bead and Button magazine for inspiration and some truly gorgeous beadwork


Egg decorating!


I did it once, with a friend of Lithuanian heritage, who taught a group of us how to do it. It was a lot of fun.


How about card weaving and making cord on a lucet? Both fun. That's quite a list you have!


Isn't it nice to never be bored. Love the list


awesome list! and I thought I was crafty...


Fabulous list! I may repost it with the ones I've done in bold. But give Tatting a try if you haven't. It's on my list of things to learn ;)


Great list now what about Lamp Work beadmaking? LOL
tatting? fabric knitting? Crazy quilting/knitting? Doll house crafts... hmm Well I will post my list tomorrow to my blog! Great things!


What a wonderful list of crafts! Amazing and encouraging.

I'm gonna second the motion for trying pysanky (or pysanka). Also, I'll add quilling, silk ribbon embroidery, and silk screening.


That's an impressive list. Do you have a copy of Complete Craft by Katherine Sorrell? It's such a comprehensive book with beautiful projects and great little snippets of historical information about each type of craft.


You could try tatting (with needle or without.) Or how about making your own shades with fiber paper?


That's a very impressive list! Most of mine involve thread or yarn--"all" types of embroidery, crochet, knitting, quilting, spinning . . . and one you don't have on your list. Bobbin lace.


I'll third (or fourth, whatever) the suggestion of pysanky... I do those and they're lots of fun. I'll second the lampworking suggestion... I took a class a month ago and am about to pick up my own supplies for it tomorrow.

Bobbin lace... which I've just now seen someone has already added.

Norse wire weaving/knitting. Nalbinding. Leatherworking. Kumihimo.

(oh, and thanks for the checklist of things to try :)


Have you tried making glass beads with the little tortch? There's a class at a local bead store here, but I haven't tried it yet. Of course I go for anything with fire hehe

the Chickengoddess

Ya gotta try stained glass. I do the beads too, they're fun.


silk fusion (treenway silks had supplies for it on sale last time i looked) locker hooking, sprang, silk ribbon embroidery (again), needlpoint, candlewicking (it might be called crewel work where you are, but in my experience crewel has colors and candlewicking is shades of white, plus the threads are different) hardanger lace, tapestry crochet, or that old girl scout stand-by, chains, bags etc made from folded gum wrappers! :)


Have you ever tried "Scherenschnitte"?

It's a delicate paper-cutting technique that's popular among the Pennsylvania Dutch (where I grew up)... we learned how in my girl scout troop YEARS ago.

check out this website:


Rug hooking and quilling (the art of making 3d images with twirled strips of paper). :)


Yeah, I was going to say quilling. And how about pottery (handbuilt or thrown)?


I think you need to try stained glass making!

the painted pear

Okay, I know I'm kind of late on this comment...just was eating some lunch and reading...great list of craftiness, I can't top it, but I did not see paper mache, or salt dough (I have made hundreds of saltdough ornaments for the PTA x-mas fundraiser) Betcha just forgot those two.

Deborah Porter

Wow, you have done a slew of things. I didn't see counted Cross Stitch on there, have you tried that? I did that for many years until I had so many finished things, I didn't know what to do with them.



Stone painting!! :)
Have a look at my painted stones here:

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