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Thursday, December 01, 2005



By the seat of your pants !?! You go girl :)


Love the pinks and browns. The picot looks beautiful. That's definitely on my to try list.


It looks great from both sides. I love the colors.


Not silly at all! It is so pretty.


Yay for picot edgings! Are there any other kind?


Nice Trekking 100 socks. My husband loves his.


get out! i have that yarn too. you're just inspiring me to get off my sock knitting duff again. ;)

your picot edge is great!


ooooh.. aaaaaahh ohhhhhh

that's all I have to say about that!


mmmm, pinks and browns! Must find that colorway.


I love it! Tell us how you did it!!!


Lovely, and colorway is wonderful.


Oh wow! The sight of all that picot-y goodness is great! The cuff is great and your photography is great!

This comment brought to you by the word "great."

(Can you tell I haven't had any coffee yet?)


love the picot edging...i'm doing some anklets like that right now. Loved the interview too...hope all is well with you...


The picot edge looks great! I got to try my hand at picot when I made the Miss Dashwood hat (from Knitty) for my niece. It was just a pink acrylic but looked great as an edging for that hat. I love the idea of doing it at the top of socks. If you have time to write it out I'm sure we would all appreciate it!

As for keeping track of WIP's, at least for my smaller ones I buy the large ziploc bags (from the $ store-they don't have to be that sturdy) and keep each WIP in it's own bag. I include the pattern and notes and measurements, along with a few stitch markers, yarn needle and crochet hook for binding off and a pen for making more notes. I keep several projects in my bag and if you close them by squishing all the air out you can have several projects with you at any time. Works for me!!


Very nice - and without a book in front of you...wow. I usually have an instruction book inches from my face when trying a new technique or stitch.

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