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Saturday, December 03, 2005



Oh dear, I'm about to get lost at the Wikipedia site. What a great link!


There is a giant Dala Horse in Minot, North Dakota in their Scandinavian Heritage Park [at least I think that's what they call it]. Also in the park is an exact replica of Norway's Gol Stave Church. I should see if I can dig up the photos of it for you.


I love Dala horses too! My brother and I had several as toys growing up, and I inherited one made by my great-great-grandfather in Sweden. We also celebrate Santa Lucia Day every year, too.


Oh my GOd... does IKEA have Dala horses????? I have to go there if they do...


I love Sweden at Christmas!!! I was over there one December and brought back so many of their traditional Christmas items. Now if I could only heat up some Glogg...


They have cute pj's for kids (and maybe adults) w/ Dala horses on them at Hanna Andersson's website.


Julie, you are an enabler....what a lot of great - looking knitting books coming out! And the Ikea stuff rocks. Glad you liked White Teeth...were you as surprised by the ending as I?


I haven't commented in quite a while, but I'll be looking forward to the post on crewel embroidery. My mother did it when I was a kid, and now I've got the itch to embroider. It's been a little hard to find info and material, so I'm just jumping in. Could we be sensing a new trend, much like the renewed interest in knitting and crochet?

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