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Tuesday, January 17, 2006



You could also needle-felt unto them additional wool. Needle-felting allows you to have very tight control of a design ... but watch out for the pricking! Have fun.


Very cute! Do you have a final project in mind for them, or did you make them for the sheer joy of creation?


What a fun project! Maybe I'll try this with my little girl. Thanks for the walk-through.
Cute sheep, too!


Hmm, I wonder if you could use them for buttons??

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

I'm so happy to find these explanations !! Thanks you soooo much ! If you have a minute, I'm making a "survey" about crafters' nails on my blog ! I would be very happy to have your opinion ! thanks a lot ! Cheers


Martha Stewart Kids had examples of these with stripes and polka dots. http://tinyurl.com/7kspr


You can also make a felt ball (a larger bead) with layered colors (red in the center, blue wrapped around it, etc.) and then cut it open when it's dry--it looks like a geode!
And I think it's easier to felt a slightly larger ball; felting the little beads always hurt my hands.
When you feel particularly adventurous, do a search for the "hat on a ball" felting technique. And Pat Spark has a felting page with all kinds of resources. ;)


Fun, Fun and Fun!


My daughter (6 yr) and I have been making felted bead bracelets for every birthday since September. They've been a lot of fun. Check out our first try at http://childsfamily.com/knitting/?p=74. And my three year old likes to join in, but gets bored quickly. Then he lets his plastic sharks take a swim in the soapy water.


I often have the kids in my class make their own "counters" for math activities. These would work great!! You could do simple counting, adding and and subtracting or string them like an abacus (dental floss works well.) Later you can use different colors to represent place value (ex. 10 "reds" =1 "blue" for the tens place)

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