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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Donna K.

Thanks for the instructions. I have a pair of socks I want to start in Opal Petticoat and I think a picot edging will be perfect.


I love doing this sort of thing on my socks, hats and, occassionally, the bottom of sweaters. I did a similar tutorial, with pictures, a little while back


Oops, I don't think my comment went through.
Anyway, what I attempted to say was that I love this technique for more than socks. I've used it on hats and hems of sleeves and sweaters. I did up a little photo tutorial a while ago.


Good stuff, thanks.


Neat! Thank you! I'll have to try that with my next pair of socks.


That cast on is extra cool - thank you. I look forward to using it on a pair of socks sometime soon.
P.S.: thank you for hosting the knitting blog's ring too. We all love you for it. :)


Thanks, Julie! You made it seem so easy! I love the look of a picot hem.....

Bonne Marie

HOW did you know I needed this? I will be casting on shortly for a new sock adventure and was going to try this - thanks for paving the way with gold for me...


I was just thinking about a picot edge for my next socks! THank you thank you, Kim!


I knit in my picot hems as I go as well. You can also do a plain P row instead of the K2TOG, YO row for the hem fold part.

One thing I always do is make sure when I'm knitting the cast on stitches with the regular stitches that the cast on stitches line up PERFECTLY. I've done this badly and skewed the whole picot hem. It is pretty obvious and drives me nuts!


Thanks for the pattern. I will have try this on the socks I'm going to be making for my mother-in-law.


Thank you for posting this! I've been wanting to do a picot edge on a pair of socks and your directions will be helpful.


You rock BoogaJ, I do appreciate the work you do on Knitting blog ring


I love picot hems. When I do it, I usually use a provisional cast on, like Marnie described on her site. I find it much stretchier to pick up live stitches at the cast on edge.


Hi Boogaj! Thanks for posting this - you have finally answered a question thats been bugging me :-) - what is the difference between a YO (yarn over) and YF (yarn forward). In the UK we generally see "yarn forward" ie, pass the yarn to the front as if you were going to purl the next stitch - ie BETWEEN the needles. I have always read YO as bringing the yarn up and OVER the right needle (and, if the next st is knit, then wrapping it back under the needle) - but whenever I do this in a pattern it doesn't seem to work and I end up doing my usual "yarn forward". Your description of a YO is the same as my definition of a YF - so the mystery is finally solved. Thanks - Brill!!


Thanks for taking the time to post this.


Thanks for taking the time to post this.

Teri R

Thanks for the lesson!

I don't have a knit blog, but I read them. Would it make your job of running the knittingblog ring easier to delete the 'dead' blogs from the ring? Yesterday I surfed through the list, randomly picking blogs that sounded interesting. I ran across quite a few that had fewer than one post a month. In addition, some were just not there at all.


I always do my picots with a provisional cast on and then pick up the cast on stitches and knit them together with the newer stitches in the same way Marnie's tutorial says to do. Either way it's just a great way to work the top of socks :)


I have done picot edging on socks before and found it to be a real pain because I sewed the top down at the end. That is a really great idea to just knit it together. Maybe I will give it another shot.

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