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Friday, January 20, 2006



oi! Let's see.. I get Parents because my husband renewed the subscription for me.. don't want it. and I have Interweave knits.. any others I buy on a case by case basis.
I got Real Simple for a while like it alot. you might like it tooo hehhehe *evil grin*


It's funny - I love reading, and I love books, but I've never been that into magazines. I don't know what it is about them, but for most of them I can't bring myself to do much more than flip through and look at the pictures. At this point, the only two magazines I subscribe to are Real Simple (I agree with Denise...if you haven't read it, you should check it out), and Game Informer. Which is a sort of weird yin-yang selection, but it works for me.


I love books and magazines but since my post box ian't quite big enough for magazines I don't have any subscriptions which is a good thing or I, too, would be overflowing - I have enough books to keep me very busy and they just keep on comin' with every trip to B&N - it's an addiction.


I like magazines, but at the moment I don't subscribe to any. I had Budget Living for a while and Knitters (a gift sub from mom) for a while, but mostly I just leaf through them at the bookstore and buy an occasional issue of one or another here and there.

Oh, I guess I'll be getting Yoga Journal at some point this year, but that's another gift sub.


I can really relate to your obsession - I used to have a lot of subscriptions too. But after I had my baby, and started knitting again, I realised that I wasn't actually reading them anymore. But it wasn't easy to cancel those subscriptions! Lately I have been starting new subscriptions, but now it's all about children or knitting!


"I wonder if he knew how many magazines I had?"

Frankly, I'm terrified to find out. I strongly suspect there's a hidden room up in the attic which is stacked, floor to rafters, with old copies of Ranger Rick, Cricket and Teen Beat.


OK. I truly understand, but what's CNA and The Wheel? I've never heard of those two. Are they ones I should be getting, too?

Gina B.

I am so happy someone shares my obsession with magazines. I have many subscriptions plus buy many titles regularly depending on what's in them. I save a huge pile to read and then plow through the pile when I'm in a "magazine mood." I cut out pictures, articles, etc. so don't save many complete issues (with the exception of knitting mags). I always take my leftovers to work or to the gym to leave for others to enjoy! I'm seconding (thirding?) the recommendation of Real Simple. It's my favorite!


I love magazines too-- I started getting Highlights the same time you did! I mostly subscribe to knitting magazines nowadays, though I used to get Parenting AND Parents, and Martha too.


I too am a magazine addict...Quick count in my head, I have 12 or 13 subscriptions. I can't live without my magazines...It's nice to see I'm not alone.


Your husband mentioned that you may have old Crickets in the attic - is it true? I still have the first 4 or so years when the issues were bound more like paperbacks. I'm just waiting for my daughter to be old enough to appreciate them.


My all-time favourite mag is "Smithsonian" - if you like NG, you will like this one as well. Followed a close second by "Canadian Living" - which you can get a subscription in the US for about $25 - think of a more upscale FC or WD magazine.


I love Real Simple. Great clean look with lots of good ideas, even some "look what you can do with this old stuff to clean your house" ideas. Hey, not everyone can afford new containers/scrubs, Martha.

And you know what? I could use a magazine that helped me develop a better wardrobe with distinct styles. Think of it as InStyle with MS Blueprint at Banana Republic Prices. Please let me know if MSBlueP is just that. I made the demographic!


My magazine thing could get totally out of hand if I didn't watch it. I get Gluten-Free Living, Minnesota Monthly, Utne, Interweave Knits, Knitters, Bicycling, and Body+Soul (a freebie I won't renew). Dropped Cast On and INKnitters last year. Like you, I thought I got more magazines than this! Hmm.


Cook's Illustrated but not Fine Cooking? I like that one a lot.


You want to know how tired I am? I voted on the poll for you to talk about your magazine obsession. I completely forgot about the poll and was wondering why you were talking about them

I really need to go to sleep!


I'm a big mag fan, but nothing like that. In fact, I might just troll the magazine isle at the bookstore this weekend. I miss my stack!


Oooh, so nice to know I'm not alone in my addiction! Thanks for the link to the new Martha mag. I love MSL and the new one sounds interesting too!


I love Everyday Food. The recipes are interesting for those of us really into cooking but simple enough for weeknights. And, without fail, every recipe I have made has been very good. Of course, I expect it from Martha!


Ooh - I LOVED Highlights! I see old issues sometimes at used bookstores and wish I still got it. So good!
And I'm late to the party, but thank you for maintaining the web ring! I can only imagine the amount of work it takes, and I wanted you to know that I subscribe to the feed, and check out each new blog as you add them. Let me apologize for not saying it sooner! :)


Count me in too. I'm a magazine addict. Over the years I have subscribed to so many different magazines. I love the thrill of seeing a magazine in the mailbox. But I also love to buy magazines at the grocery and in the bookstore, so I sort of don't want to subscribe. It's a constantly revolving issue.


oh i feel your shame....you are ashamed aren't you? i also have a terrible magazine jones - highbrow to lowbrow i can't resist them! i subscribe, i buy at the store, i prowl the magazine section waiting for the new issues to hit the stands. i live with msl haters so i used to have to hide my stash...and i had years and years worth! oh the shame! you have a great collection going there.

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