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Friday, January 20, 2006


Sue Finneron


I think you do an amazing job on both the ring and your blog. I read your blog every morning and I am amazed that you have the time to post everyday! I have no extra time therefore I do not have a blog, but thank you so much for all your work and efforts! I am able to live vicroiusly through your blog and the others in the ring!

Please keep up the great work!

Vancouver Island, Canada


Um, I was coming over to thank you for adding me to the ring - just got the email a bit ago... so, um, Thanks, Julie!!! Both for adding me and for the much, much larger running the ring.

I like rings. I've discovered some fabulous blogs I would never have come across in a million years. And I like the feeling of connection.


I tend to only send thanks when something goes wrong and gets fixed. But my graditude is constant.


Thanks for adding me Julie, just got your comment on my blog (I still blush at my silliness with the bandwidth). Sounds like you've been very busy adding people, you should be proud of a job well done!


Julie - I was a bit embarrased to tell anyone how excited I was to be added to the ring..........I screwed up the code last Fall, and thrilled when you added me so quickly.
Thank you - I feel that it is an honor to belong to such a group!


Thanks again, and thanks for your very nice email when part of my code was missing.


I know you weren't fishing for gratitude but I want to tell you I appreciate the multitude of hours you put into this ring. You were so helpful to me when I couldn't get the code set on my blog. Wow. I was pretty spazzy back then...still am, I guess. Thanks Julie!! I think I'lll go buy a book at Amazon through you.


I can totally commiserate. The ring is a HUGE, HUGE undertaking and I think it's wonderful that you run it. I'm running a measly KAL and it totally burns me up when people complain about something without so much as a thank you. To be fair, many people have thanked me but it's still the ones who don't that stick out in my mind. I spend hours updating the KAL each week and it's always the one or two that I miss that are the most vocal - you know? I'm sure you do.

I'm thanking you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate the work you put into the ring.


Your work on the ring is 100% appreciated by me. I've found tons of great blogs through it, and know that I usually get a few hits from it a day on my own blog. You provide a wonderful service to the knit blog community. THANK YOU, JULIE!


I love the ring. I stumbled across it by accident a year ago. Someday when I'm more computer literate I would like to join it!


I've been a part of the ring for a while; in fact, it's what started me reading your blog on a regular basis. Your post makes me realize that we don't take the time to let you know that we appreciate your hard work. I think I've been a member six months now? Joining the ring made me feel like a "grown up" blogger. Keep up the great work, and keep writing on your blog -- I love to read it.


I just put the code on my blog and I too thank you for adding me.


Hey! I'm so excited to finally be on! I just finally caught up on everything after the craziest day at the Yarn shop. I think you totally rock and I would have thanked you even without this post!



I haven't said it before, but I really do appreciate all the work you do in maintaining the web ring. I never e-mailed my thanks before because I assumed you'd be slammed with thousands of e-mails all saying the same thing. Lesson learned - never assume that someone knows that they are much appreciated! Thanks again for all you've done for the web ring. I enjoy surfing around it when I get a chance, and am glad to be a member.


I'm excited to finally be on too! I started the blog right after you closed the ring for the holidays and couldn't wait until it opened again. I'm guessing that people don't realize how time consuming maintaining the ring is. But people really do use it. My traffic is way up and most referring links are from the ring. Thank you!


I just signed up to join the ring today, and let me say that I totally appreciate it. I have found a lot of my favorite blogs through your ring and I hope some new people can find mine, too. Thanks! And I hope I did it right!


Well I know I appreciate it! Some might not really understand how much time and effort it takes you. Sometimes it's easy to convince ourselves that online type stuff is all automated. Ha! I've tinkered with my blog enough to know that all of it takes time and expertise most of all. Keep up the good work and know that we do appreciate you!!


You're absolutely right. Some of us who are new to the world of blogging get so caught up in the wonder of it all, we forget that "netiquette" is really just about common courtesy. I've commented to many others how adding my site to your ring has boosted my visitor-numbers, but never thought to tell you. Thanks for all your hard work. You really are appreciated!


Oh dear, you're so right. As a new blogger I didn't understand how the ring worked, that there was an actual person behind it, but I do now, and a big THANK YOU!!!! is long overdue.


Yup. I agree. I think with the ring you have a right to expect some response and I'm one of the lackers who never said thanks. I think sometimes because it's the internet, we all forget our basic manners. I'm glad you said something. I apologize and thank you.


I too am guilty of no contact. I was just added and truly appreciate everything you do. I don't have a lot of knitting friends around here and getting to read all of these blogs online is a real treat. I read your blog daily and love it. So... thanks again.


Hi, Julie!
I'm no longer IN the ring, but subscribe to the updates via bloglines anyway! I know I've left the occasional comment or two, but must admit, didso on YOUR blog, or Pete's...
BTW, will you again be issuing the challenge for St. Baldy???


Dude--I'm totally amazed that you do this on your own AND that you put up with all the broken links, folks not reading the rules about the ring, etc....You are really appreciated, whether we all speak or not. Thanks a million!


Oh man, I dont know if I said thanks when you added me or not - it's been awhile. I do know I love the ring and your blog though so even if I did say it back then, Im saying it now =) Thanks!!!

Julia in KW

Hi there, Julie;

I am truly indebted to you for all your work. I do not have a blog, but I read a ton...all thanks to you and your hard work. Your ring keeps me trying new things with knitting and I totally enjoy it, though I do sometimes think I would get more knitting done, if I didn't read so many! (Not your fault..must pull myself away from computer... :)


Sometimes I like to send a little something to the host of a knitalong, too, or keep it in mind for the future. It sure is a lot of work doing any of these rings or hosting a knitalong and a little hostess "Thanks!" note goes a long way.


I'm sorry that I've never thanked you for all the work that you do with the ring. I really appreciate it as I know it takes up a lot of your time. Thank you!


Odd, I commented there a few weeks ago, and offered on that site also to help with approving sites if you needed it, etc. Did it not go through? I don't remember having any problems. Hmmm...

Most people don't ever say "thanks!" for webring related things. Like you said, quick to sign up, then they move on. I use them to surf blogs, so I am definitely grateful for them! You've put a TON of work into it, and I am grateful for it! :D

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