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Tuesday, January 10, 2006



Glad you're feeling better!!


wow-look at all those shops! even one in my neck o' the woods (vermont)! congratulations on the continued growth and success of black sheep bags...:-)


Glad to hear that the migraines are under control!


Yay for pharmaceuticals!


Great news, about the migraines staying away. I'm doing an Anti-Migraine Dance, for you.

I'm going to check out the stamp link.

Hey, leave me a fake memory. 'kay?


Hi. I'm taking part in National DeLurking Week and wanted to let you know that I read your blog daily and enjoy it immensely. Please keep up the good work and do whatever you have to do to keep migraines at bay (I'm lucky I don't have them).


you are one busy lady! and i thought it was me. LOL. take care.

and booo to the migraines. i'm glad they're gone! i hate them.


Ooh...congratulations on keeping the migraines in check and avoiding nasty side effects. Headaches and migraines run in my family, and they do suck mightily.

And also, congratulations on all the new shops...it may make you busy, but it's so exciting!


Hey. KFI finally posted the silk garden lite photos. All colorways will ship the beginning of Feb. Also cehck the debbie bliss silk.



How do I get Wool and Company in Geneva, IL to carry your patterns? I love their store and I've just discovered your patterns - and love them, too!!

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